Accidental Exhibitionist

I have always wanted to do walk naked on the beach and for the first time I had the chance last week.

I was staying alone at our little place on the South Coast to do a sailing course for a week. It was midnight, warm and the wind was very light - there was nobody about, just a fire with glowing embers that had been left by visitors earlier in the evening.

I went down to the beach, took off my clothes and wandered down to the sea. The tide was out and it took a few minutes to get there; it felt wonderful to be so exposed and not worry about it.

I walked back up to the fire and stood there in the dark - enjoying the feeling of warmth with any part of my body that was facing the fire and smiling as I imagined the faces of those who had lit it if they realised that I was standing there, admiring their handiwork, totally naked!

I climbed back up the grass bank and stood there in the darkness, running my fingers over my skin and eventually got dressed and mad my way back to the caravan.

The next day I was walking to my sailing course and came across a girl carrying lots of picnic gear and her (presumably) boyfriend. They were walking along the coast path and it turned out that they had had a fire on the beach in the evening and then slept on the grass bank.... just above their fire. I must have been standing a few feet from them as I enjoyed the air and feel of fingers brushing over me!

I have no idea if they had been asleep and I didn't ask them if they had seen anyone!!
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3 Responses Jun 21, 2013

Such a good feeling to be free

Sounds like a fun night. I hope you are able to enjoy many more.

Wow! What an experience! I would like to imagine they were there, on the sand watching you...

I'm sure they were - there is no other place that they could have been ... it rather turns me on :O