On The Balcony

I am a 22 year old girl with a need to ****** pretty much everyday. It was getting boring even with the newest toys. But recently i found my newest way, with people watching. I live in a condo complex with 3 other towers nearby and on directly in front of my room. I started off in the middle of the night but i became more adventurous and did it in the mornings and when the sun sets. First i dont think anyone saw but the second time a girl from the tower across walked out and saw me. Right away see went back inside but returned naked just like me we *********** together and if one finished before the othwr we would wait and watch. Now we ********** almost everyday together.
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12 Responses Jul 20, 2013

Glad you've found someone to share your fantasy

Very nice! Would it be as fun for you if a guy watched?

Wow. I would love to be able to see you two going at it. So hot!

Sounds like you have a great time...so much fun to play while watchmaking someone else and knowing ho you are kingmaker him/her feel!

Oh, WOW !!! I so wish I was living in the tower opposite yours. We would have surely had some glorious times together.

Very nice , n yes post a pic n please add me

Should take i take a pic of me?

Mutual ************ is a so arousing thing. Watching each other getting off is a great turn-on for me...
As I can see, for you too ...

its truly amazing , hugs and love prabhakar

i'm moving into a new place this week - 11th floor......

Mutal ************ is fun.

That is hot!!

Such a special gift to give and receive!