Guys Naked Outside

I stumbled across a video online showing a naked guy outside talking to a woman. She was pretty hot. In the video, he started to get an erection. As I watched his erection start to grow, it really turned me on. I imagined what he must have been feeling in that moment. He was totally nude out in a public place and getting turned on right in front of her.
So I started thinking that there's a lot of guys on here who say they like being naked in public. And a lot of them have pics too which I think is just incredibly hot. But how come I never see any in real life lol. I spend a lot of time naked outside, I ********** outside, but I never see any guys going naked outside. Seriously, if I was walking along or something and saw a totally naked guy outside right in public in broad daylight, I would probably need to get off right there. I would totally want to watch him. I just think that's hot.
So now I've been ************ to videos of guys going naked in public. I hope maybe someday I'll run into one. That would be a fantasy come true for me.

Thank all of you guys who answered my question. Thank you for your honesty. The one thing I notice is that so many guys say they want to be naked in public but they can't because society doesn't accept it, but that society is more accepting of a naked girl in public. I didn't realize that. I'ms sorry it's that way. But I can assure you here's one girl who would never complain if I saw a naked guy in public. In fact, it would turn me on.
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12 Responses Sep 16, 2013

Try a clothing opp beach or a nudist resort if you want to see naked men, it's mostly non sexual though.

You rarely see a erection at a nudist resort because it's a non sexual inviroment.

It's true naked men are not accepted like naked women are, unless in a inviroment where nudity is accepted we are considered perverts, women, just alittle crazy.

this is true, in most cases the society is more accepting naked girls than naked guys (men).... some men still do it though.... I did it couple of times on beach (not nude beach) but there were only few people around and they did not mind :)

It is more risky for a guy, but I've gone nude in public and enjoy it.

Yep, that's why the nude hiking trails are so popular, guys can let it all hang out and if it gets hard it's okay. Sometimes the females even help with that

On the flip-side: society will be much more forgiving/accepting of a nude male out in public if there is a nude female with him. That's just the way humans are.

hope your fantasy comes real

Maybe you should get a shirt made or something that says "Hey guys, if you want to get naked, I won't mind". That would definitely help me know you were one of the women who would enjoy it. I have had a few experiences where I was able to get naked outside in front of women I didn't know, usually at a swimming hole where I arrive clothed and then ask if they mind if I skinny dip. Hmm, maybe you could try that approach.

How about "I won't think it's rude if you want to get nude". Don't forget to post a picture of yourself wearing it :)

The main reason you don't see guys naked in public is because we can't get away with it. Girls can. The minute we do that someone calls the cops. And then we are registered sex offenders. I done all my nude in public walks late at night when everyone is sleep to make sure I don't get caught. Of course it's hot to see a naked girl in public because its a girl. I like being naked in public but not at the expense of getting arrested.

if only you lived in virginia we could have made that happen.

Try going to a nude beach, talk to some men and watch them get hard.

Please share the link...would love to watch her reaction!

If we happened to be close to each other, I'd let you watch me get erect, right before your very eyes. And if we're not close, I'll let you watch me on my webcam. Let's add each other and chat/get acquainted? Thanks.

For the same reason I never see a naked woman taking a walk in a public place. There just aren't enough of us brave enough to have a go. That said, if there were too many, it might not have quite the same allure. It's the being different to everyone else that turns me on. I think. lol.