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Our Naked Hiking Adventure

Well I guess it isn't really hiking per se, but my husband really gets off on stripping me naked when we go on our walks in the wooded area of a large state park in our area.
This past summer, we had an incredibly exciting experience that I'd like to share here.
We got there in the late afternoon and parked in the parking lot. It was pretty empty, so my husband wanted me to ***** naked and leave my clothes in the car, which I did, save for my tennis shoes, then we set off walking hand in hand into the woods. I felt so vulnerable. No matter what happened, or whether we ran into anyone, I'd have to be naked.
We'd walked for quite a ways and hadn't encountered anyone. I was quite excited. My husband noticed and started teasing me by stopping to kiss every so often and play with my ***** a bit.
We'd gone probably about a mile or so from the parking lot when we spotted two young men walking towards us from the opposite direction. They looked to be in their twenties. The guys were pretty busy talking and weren't looking our direction. I felt that excitement that comes with being in that situation immediately.
Taking my husband's hand, we walked straight on towards them. As they approached, one of them looked up and spotted me. He stopped dead in his tracks, then the other did the same. They just stood there looking at me as we walked on towards them.
My ***** felt it like it was on fire and my entire body tingled, but we walked on.
As we got closer, my husband greeted them with "Good afternoon," to which they responded with a return greeting.
They were standing side by side, so they were kind of blocking the path. We walked right up to them and stopped. Their eyes were all over me, making so excited that I felt kind of light-headed.
One of them wore a small backpack and a pair of shorts that were rather tight. When we stopped to say hi, I could plainly see his erection. That really turned me on, knowing I was the cause of it.
My husband went on chatting with them like nothing was unusual about me being naked. The whole time, they kept looking me up and down, but it was obvious that they were trying to be polite about it.
They guy in the shorts reached down and shifted his erection in his shorts, trying to do it without drawing attention to himself, but I saw, that made me wet.
My husband put his arm around me and rubbed my *** as we chatted with the guys...rubbing my *** always turns me on...but right then it was driving me insane.
So, the entire time, they said nothing about my nudity. Finally, my husband asked them whether they were wondering why I was naked. One of them laughed and said it had crossed his mind. My husband told them that I'm a naturist and would rather wear clothes when I have the chance.
As he explained that to them, he rolled one of my nipples between his fingers and pulled on it. The guy in the shorts shifted himself again, but the second time, he didn't try to hide it.
We talked to them for probably about ten minutes all total. Then my husband said we had to get going. They were very polite about it. We walked on. As we headed down the path I turned around to see them watching us. I waived at them and they waived back.
At the bend in the path, my husband pulled me into the trees and bent me over right there. He took me hard from behind while I held onto a tree, pounding me like an animal. It only took a few minutes and we both came hard.
After that, we walked back to the car. I figured we'd run into the guys again, but we didn't.
Back at the parking lot, there was another couple...somewhat younger than us, getting out of their car. They spotted me and stared in disbelief. The woman elbowed her husband and told him to look. I'll never forget, she said "Oh my god, that woman's naked!"
We walked right past them to our car. My husband greeted them with a good afternoon, so calm, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.
They watched us get into the car and drive off.

Well, we've had so many experiences like the one I just shared. I've gotten much more daring in the last few years. I mean, I've been seen so many times. We've gotten a lot bolder in our sexual adventures outside as well. We've been seen having sex quite a few times. But I guess that would be for another group.
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Your husband is a lucky man! Oh, to pound you like an animal from behind up against a tree. If I'd been that young guy I would have dropped my shorts and let you see my excitement - then I would have stood watching behind the pair of you ************ as hard as I could until I spurted all over the ground. Preferably looking at your wet *****. As you can tell, I'm not embarrassed!

Being naked and far enough away from your clothes that you are incapable of getting dressed is a pleasant experience, as is being the only one nude in a clothed group.

Great experience!
My wife has fantasies of similar scenarios.....
but just fantasy, it could never be played out. We made a few attempts, she chickened out after 10 steps.... but made both hot hot hot!