Exposing Myself In Laos

I was staying in a small family-operated pension in Luang Prabang. The family spent much of their time on a patio at the front of the complex, and, to get to their quarters, they had to walk through a narrow passage that took them by the window to my room. I noticed that the wall opposite my bed had a large mirror on it and that when I pulled my curtain closed on the window to the side of the room, the bottom of the curtain caught on the bedspread of the second bed so that it left a wedge-shaped opening down the side of the window where the curtain wasn't fully closing off the view into the room. This opening was meaningless as far as seeing me inside on the bed directly, but it provided a view of the mirror which reflected a complete view of me on my bed. Because the mirror was several feet away, the entire mirror (and, therefore, the entire view of what the mirror reflected), could be seen through the small opening of the curtain. I, therefore, could "accidentally" expose myself to anyone who glanced through the wedge-shaped curtain opening as they walked by outside. I took advantage of the opportunity by laying on top of the bed in the nude and ************. It was a large family with lots of movement back and forth, so soon I could see through the thin curtain the shadow of someone going by outside. Before long, I heard talking outside, and could tell that it was from near my window. It was very obvious that the view had been discovered and that everyone was enjoying the opportunity to watch the "unsuspecting" westerner jack off. Because they were hidden from my direct view, they felt completely free to stand outside and watch through the crack. For the rest of the evening, there were occasional slow walk-bys. Even after they went into their living quarters for the evening, occasionally I would hear the door open and close and someone would walk by. They apparently were fascinated and couldn't quit checking to see if I was still doing it! I repeated the process every night for the 3 nights I was there. Related to this, I would like to comment about Asians, their reputation for modesty, and what it means in terms of exposing oneself. Asians are very modest. They will bathe in their underwear rather than expose themselves even to someone of the same sex. My opinion is that people who are raised to be so modest are even more fascinated with the opportunity to observe an exhibitionist than those who aren't. The guidebooks talk about nudity offending Asians. But my experience is that Asians are very happy to observe nudity, ************, and other forms of exhibitionism as long as it seems to be an accidental opportunity to observe. They will even share the view with others rather than being ashamed that they are seeing something forbidden. In this respect, everyone has fun. The Asian who normally sees no one unclothed has his/her opportunity to do so, and the exhibitionist has a willing and interested audience.

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I once did expose my body by pretending to hve a shave leaving my windows open. Neat"""