Filipino Bus Experience

A few years ago, I was taking a local bus in Mountain Province in the Philippines. I was wearing shorts without underwear. When the bus arrived at the rural intersection where it stopped for me, it was full. Being a westerner, however, they made a place for me to sit on a seat in the front row which already had a young Filipino sitting on it by the window. To reach the seat, I had to raise my leg to step over a pile of boxes, bags, and other goods that had been placed in the aisle. Not long into the trip, the young man beside me put his head down to rest on his left arm which was placed across his lap. Then, a few moments later, he moved his leg. In doing so, he also repositioned his hand to rest over my leg and shifted his head closer to me. What a turn-on that was for me. At the time, I thought he was just enjoying the physical closeness and touching. Then I realized, however, that he must have seen up my shorts leg as I stepped into the bus and knew that I was not wearing underwear. I let my legs spread apart a little more, and my member was, of course, growing in length just from the physical stimulation of his touch. Sure enough, he shifted his head over further toward me. It was obvious that he was looking up my pants leg to see my goods. I shifted a little more and pressed my hand against my fly to force my foreskin back to give an exposed view to him. After a while, he apparently tired of the view and raised up. We were on a 7-hour bus trip, however, and he put his hand over my leg and rested his head one more time before we got to our destination!


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I love this! I love being an exhibitionist

wow this is deep