Mysore Hotel

I was in Mysore, India, in 2003. Out the floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window from my room was a view of a next-door hotel which had a rooftop restaurant. I wanted to exhibit myself, but I realized that a complaint might be filed if all the diners could see me. I, therefore, adjusted the curtains and positioned myself on the bed so that only a back area of the rooftop behind a serving table could provide a view of me. Although it was night, I could see the silhouettes against the night time sky of anyone who was in that area. From their perspective, it probably looked as if I were watching TV and playing with myself while being totally unaware that anyone was on the roof (since that part of the roof was not lighted). It didn't take long for a waiter to notice me. He stood there looking, then he went to get others. Soon, 3-4 waiters, both male and female, were standing there watching. The sight of nudity in India, much less the opportunity to view the performance of a sexual act, was probably too special to pass up. Within the next hour, the waiters came and went, but there were never too many minutes before one with a free moment came over to the corner of the rooftop so he could see into my room and observe the show. The restaurant closed and the waiters left around 9:30 p.m. But soon afterwards, a man returned to his hotel room that was directly across from mine in the same hotel as the rooftop restaurant. He sat down in a chair right by his window to watch TV. The chair positioned him at a 90-degree angle to the window. Soon, he glanced out the window noticed me. He tried to be discreet as he turned his head occasionally to see my show. I decided to have some more fun. I flashed my lights on and off 2-3 times as I looked his way so that he would know I knew he was looking. I began to notice his arm moving; he was playing with himself! Unfortunately, the view of his member was hidden from me because of the height of the bottom of his window. I flicked the lights on and off again. But he wouldn't expose himself to me. Doing so would be just too counter to what is taught in India about exposure. It was a good night, however, with a group of waiters and a hotel occupant both watching me.

dansktex dansktex
61-65, M
Feb 19, 2009