Feeding the Pigs

When I was in the 5th grade, my father decided we would make some extra money raising two pigs. My grandmother worked at the school cafeteria, so we could get the leftover slop from there for feeding the pigs. He told me it would be my responsibility to carry the slop to them each morning and pour it into their trough. I was to get the money from the sale of one of the pigs for doing this. This was during the same period in my life when I went through puberty and began to have instantaneous erections when anything seemed the least bit sexy. Each morning, I would go outside in my bathrobe to carry the slop, and the idea that I was in the nude except for that bathrobe was all it took for my penis to rise. My belt loop was only pulled tight without being knotted or tied in a bow, so it tended to loosen as I made my way through the back yard with a bucket of slop hanging from each hand. Most of the way, my penis was erect and sticking out of the opening that developed in the front of the robe and was swinging back and forth. At the time, it seemed huge to me. Our backyard was not fenced, so it was exciting knowing that there was the possibility that someone could see me. It became my regular routine to be sure that I was hard and exhibiting myself through the opening in the front of the robe each morning as I made my way out to the pig sty. Furthermore, the action of raising the buckets of slop over the fence and pouring them into the trough made my robe pull completely open and expose the entire front of my body. Unfortunately, I am not sure that anyone ever saw me. I like to think that they did and that they enjoyed watching, especially since I was a young boy with a "forbidden" body exposed. It would be even more pleasurable for me to know that my exhibitionism paid off.


dansktex dansktex
61-65, M
Feb 19, 2009