Hotel Experience In Porto Alegre, Brazil

I arrived in Porto Alegre, a summer resort town in Brazil, at the height of the season and late in the day without a reservation. After checking at several nice hotels and finding they were completely full, I started to look for more "local" hotels--the kind that deserve no stars and often serve local people who have no regular home. It would soon be dark, and I did not want to find myself being homeless. I settled for a place that had small rooms and was near a red light district. The lady running the place walked me all the way back to the back to a section of rooms that was somewhat separate from the rest of the hotel. I got the impression that those front rooms may have had lots of turnover during the night and that the back section was for clients staying overnight. It really wasn't that bad of a hotel. My room had cable TV, a set of bunk beds, and a ceiling fan. The best feature in terms of my being an exhibitionist was a window at the foot of the bed that opened onto a back porch area that was obviously also a work area for those running the place. There was laundry hanging on a line, and just there by my window was a workbench area with various items setting on it. The window was one with vertical panels that could be fanned out to create open vertical slits for air flow. The glass itself was opaque, so if I hoped to exhibit myself, I would need to open the window panels. Thank goodness it was summer and warm. That gave me the excuse for doing so and also served as an explanation of why I positioned myself on the top bed right where the window was rather than below it on the bottom bed. I'm sure the air flow would have been restricted if I had gotten into the lower bed where no one could see me!

I always sleep in the nude, but the heat could have been another reason for my wearing nothing. I climbed onto that top bed in the nude and did not cover myself with anything. I had the ceiling fan going. My head was turned toward the TV to the side of the window so that I could look as if I were not aware of anything going on outside. But the window panels were opened enough so that the slits would give anyone outside an easy opportunity to look through the openings to see me. I had already looked to see that the floor level out there was about the same as mine so that their eye level would be just about right to look directly through to my feet and legs to my exposed private parts and beyond. Now all I had to do was wait to see if anyone ever went out there at night.

It didn't take long before a light came on out there. I could hear the sounds of someone's footsteps. He/she walked right up to the counter area and was moving things around. I kept my eyes on the TV, but I knew they had to be looking at me. And in that position on the porch, their eyes would have been no more than 1 meter from my feet and less than two meters from my crotch. Well, that was just the first of many excursions onto the porch by both men and women. Someone came out and used the microwave oven that was just beside my window out there. Now what do you think they were looking at while they waited the 60-90 seconds or so for the oven to heat their food? At one point a phone started ringing. It sounded as if it were right at my foot on the counter. A man came out and answered it. He stood there talking for 2-3 minutes. My penis had been flaccid through those first few experiences, but I decided to start playing with myself. I continued to look at the TV as if something I was watching was a turn-on for me. By the time I was ready to turn off the light and go to sleep, there had been at least 8-10 excursions out there to get things, to answer the phone, to use the microwave, etc. It was a perfect case of being able to expose myself legitimately and those doing the watching to legitimately be where they were, too. Furthermore, the people watching me were able to do it while being so close to my body that they could see every detail.

The viewing wasn't as good for them in the morning, because I didn't have my light turned on. There was no reason for me to justify my lying in bed with the light on then as there had been in the evening the night before. There was enough light coming inside, however, that those who were out there could look inside and adequately see me. And there were several times when 2-3 people were out there talking right by my window before I finally needed to get up, get dressed, and check out of the hotel.

Thank goodness the nicer places that would never have been built in such a fashion had been full. It was a great exhibition moment for me and will provide ************ fantasies for me throughout the rest of my life.


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sounds like fun! I would love to try that.