Passage Beside Hotel Room In Argentina

I just happened to luck into an opportunity to expose myself in Argentina a few years ago. I had picked out a couple of choices for hotels from my guidebook before arriving in the town. The first place was out of business, so I went to the second place. It was obviously family owned and operated. An elderly woman worked the counter as a man who appeared to be her husband sat in a chair to the side. As she took me back to show me the room, we passed what appeared to be a stairway to private quarters, and a young man was in the area. Beyond that area were the guestrooms in a section with unique construction. To solve the problem of the hotel being in the middle of the block with no way for outside windows, they had built an open-air patio between each two rooms. This allowed each room to have a window to let in air and light, and on most of the patios there was a table and chairs for the guests to use as a place to relax. Entrances to the patios were off the hallway rather than directly from the rooms. The room I was shown did not have a table and chairs on the adjacent patio. Instead, I noticed the back of the patio had a doorway to a storage or work room.  It was summer time and there was only a fan in the room. Therefore, I opened the curtains and the windows to let the air flow better. Of course, I also knew that would provide a clear view into the room in case someone should go to the storage room.

I ate an early dinner and returned to the room. I turned on the TV, left the ceiling light on, and positioned myself on my bed, uncovered, in the nude. It wasn't long before the older man went to the storage room. He quickly left. My guess is that he was upset with my situation and went to tell his wife and others, because he came back soon and made lots of noise banging the door and other things. I think he thought I would hear the noise and close the windows or cover up. Well, I didn't.

I stayed in that hotel for two nights. I remained in bed in the mornings for a while, too, so that people coming and going would have opportunities to see me. At night, I spent much of my time ************ while watching TV. In the mornings, I placed an arm over my eyes to look like I was trying to keep the sun out but really so that I could have an eye open to see if anyone passed without my being obvious about it. Over those two days, there were several people who came and went, and I doubt that they really had a pressing need to do so. Once the man had left and returned, the parade of people coming to either converse with him or to get or do something increased. Most were young men. There were at least 3 or 4 of them. Usually, they just walked through looking while moving. A couple of times, as they left, they would pause and turn their heads to look directly at me. The older woman made a visit to ask her husband something when he was there. She looked as she came through, but she held something up to the side of her head as she departed. I imagine her husband was not too happy with her wanting to see me!

After the first night, the curtains in the room opposite mine were left opened just a few inches and the room apparently was not rented since there were no lights in it going on and off. My guess is that maids and maybe some of the others were going into the room in the dark so they would linger and look at what I was doing without being obvious. The curtains in my room were closed by housekeeping the morning after that first night, but I just opened them again when I came in. No one ever said a word to me. Rather than seeming upset with me, the woman was extra friendly as I paid her and checked out. How lucky I was to have gotten the room that opened to the patio that was typically traversed by members of the family and the staff. Those were two great nights and mornings of exhibitionism!


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Feb 25, 2009