I want to lie out naked on the beach with my legs open ******* myself with my *****
IamJanelle IamJanelle
26-30, F
18 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Don't we all

That is good news for us horny voyeurs!

Yes just do it :D

I'd love for you to do that too!!!

Don't let me stop you! Just tell where the beach is first ;)

Sounds amazing!! You ok if I stand over you pulling my thick throbbing ****?..-)

Sure. It might excite me

Awwww sure will me!! Nothing I'd like more than seeing beautiful you work ur delicious sopping ***** and bring urself to a mind blowing ****** -)

Im warmer that a *****!

But you don't vibrate

You would definitely draw an audience in a situation like that. And the onlookers would be very grateful!

OK, no touching, only me & you jacking off to each other and watching each other ***. I love doing that, read my stories.

Well.....go......enjoy. We'd enjoy watching you

Interesting. How long have you felt this way?

What's life if you don't have any fun! Go !!

Go for it.

Would gladly be an audience while you took care of your need on the beach.

Love to join you. Ill being my own dido lol

No touching

You play with your toy and I'll pay with mine deal

Its always fun to watch what every one else is doing at a nude beach, especially the girls. Its not often I am lucky enough to meet someone like you, but it has happened a few times.

I would love to see that!!

What's stopping you?

No Beach :(


Get your passport, a couple consecutive days off, and initiative to inquire with me about options in adventure. We'll fill the void.