one morning I got up out of bed and had my boxers on. I went to get some cereal, the people I stayed with had a young girl, as I poured my cereal I guess I don't even notice she gotten up from the table and was standing right in face of me. I don't pay too much attention, just stood there eating my cereal, when I finished I go to put my bowl in the sink, when all of a sudden I notice this little girl stretch out her arms as to block me from going further. she eyes were glued to my mid-section, I say "honey, I got to put my bowl away" and walked around her and left the room. When I got back to my room I realize what she was looking at, the head of my thing had acted as in tent in my boxers and u could see my thing from certain angle, just happened to be the angle she was looking from.
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Yep, little kids can sure be curious. Did she say anything to you later?

no but I notice she always look down there after that