Well I totally love being nude in the sun. Usually I am alone and often get very turned on. I never even considered what an older women could bring to the table...so to speak.

I am a cyclist and lift weights so for a guy of 49 I have been told I look great. 34" waist and a 48'" chest with large muscular arms. I have been to a couple of nude beaches and always enjoy when a younger women sees me and stares, hoping she is enjoying the view.

This past Saturday while cycling I visited my favorite secluded spot to ***** down and cool off. As usual I started getting excited by being nude and started pleasing myself.

About 15 minutes had passed and I was as hard as a rock when I heard wow that is so hot.

I turned around and tried to cover up, seen an older women in her early 60's smiling and staring at me. She said you dont need to cover up sexy, I have been watching you for over 5 minutes. She proceeded to touch and explore me.

She then removed her clothes and I was suprised to see for her age she was still very sexy and very turned on. We played orally until we where both relieved.
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Good for you. Full points!

Great story, I love getting naked outside, and I love being seen. That must have been an exciting encounter, I would have enjoyed it, too.