Apartment In Curitiba, Brazil

I rented an apartment for the four days I was in Curitiba, Brazil, a few years ago. It had floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall glass facing another apartment building just across the street. The weather was perfect, so I opened the sliding glass doors to assure that the view into my apartment would not be hindered by the tinted glass. As I always do, I measured my crotch height in various places--reclining on the sofa, standing at the bar (open underneath) separating the kitchen and the living room, standing in the middle of the living room, standing in the doorway to the balcony, etc.--and crouched down to determine which floors in the other building would be able to see me from the various locations. At the same time, I was paying attention to any movement that I saw in units across the street to see who I would be most interested in being able to see me. One apartment was occupied by a young male. He had to be in his late teens or early 20s. He often walked out on his balcony to scope out the views to my building and up and down the street (and maybe just to enjoy the fresh air). He saw me the first night and started crouching down to watch me (not realizing that I could see the top of his head). I just pretended I didn't see him. I stood at the bar facing him as I sliced limes and made caipirinhas. With my drink in my hand, I went to the TV, turned it on, and pretended that I was watching something that encouraged me to **********. From my earlier measurements, I knew that I had to be standing for him to see me, so I stood facing the TV (giving him a side view of me) and continued ************. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him adjust his position on his balcony so that he could see me better. Because I wasn't supposed to know he was there watching (due to his supposedly being hidden by crouching down), I occasionally turned and walked to the doorway facing toward his balcony while still ************.

The next afternoon when I returned to my apartment around 4:00 p.m., he had 3 friends with him. They were all about the same age. I figured he had invited them to see the show. I entered the apartment, opened the sliding glass doors, took off my clothes in the bedroom, and turned the corner walking into the living room while ************. I walked to the TV and turned it on and just stood there continuing to ********** while I surfed channels. At first, the boys went inside and positioned themselves at windows to look at me. Later, they became bolder and came out on their balcony and crouched down and watched. Late teenagers being late teenagers, however, they didn't understand the "game"--that I was supposed to be unaware of the fact that anyone was watching. Rather than quietly enjoying the view, they stood up and began whistling and whooping. Well, that spoiled it for me, for it made me become a blatant exhibitionist keenly aware of being watched, whereas I prefer to be an "accidental" exhibitionist "unaware" that anyone can see me. I turned off the lights and closed the doors ending the show for them. They stayed around trying to see me again for about 1 1/2 hours, but then they gave up.

The next night, the boys were back. I decided to give them a chance again. Well, they were learners. They didn't even try to hide, but they knew to be quiet. As long as they were quiet, I moved around my apartment in the nude, ***********, and eventually ********** with them watching. That was so exciting.

The final night, the boys were not there. Maybe they didn't expect me to still be there or maybe they had other plans or responsibilities. The building was large, however. There were many other units with views into my apartment. I knew that others had seen me previously and that I had only focused on the boys because I knew they were excited to be watching me. Since this was my last night with an early departure planned the next day, I figured there would be no complaints if I were more blatant. I spent much of my time in the bedroom, because none of the floor-to-ceiling glass was blocked by a balcony wall. When I walked around the bedroom or reclined on the bed, I could be viewed by people from four apartments on each of about 12 floors. A man sitting at a computer watched me. A married couple on their couch watching TV watched me. One of two guys living together would come to the balcony alone and watch me. I packed in the nude, pulled down the covers of the bed and reclined on top of them to read, and I eventually *********** and ********** while on top of the bed with the curtains open and the lights on.  I am happier when I am sure that someone is watching me. I would have been too obvious if I had been looking out to see who was watching, so most of this time I just had to hope that someone was looking. It was a great evening, however--the ending to a great four days exhibiting myself to others.


dansktex dansktex
61-65, M
Mar 13, 2009