Burnham Park, Baguio, the Philippines

I had returned to Baguio for the first time in 35 years. I remembered that Burnham Park was a nice place to relax in the center of the city. It was a warm sunny day, so I slipped on some shorts (without underwear) and a t-shirt, and I packed a book. After wandering the park for a while, I found a shady bench facing the lake and had a seat on the edge. That allowed my balls and penis to hang freely and be within sight of anyone glancing up the leg openings of my shorts. Anyone could get a glimpse of them either from the side (looking under my left leg) or from the front (looking up my left shorts leg). Soon, four teenage boys about approached me and started talking. There was enough of a smile on each of their faces and giddiness to their voices to know that they had seen my penis and thought I had no idea it was visible to them. One boy squatted on the ground just in front of me, and the others stood around the bench as we talked. They asked me questions and I responded with all of us acting as if we had no idea of the exposure taking place.  Unfortunately, a woman came to the bench, took a seat beside me, and joined our conversation. I don't think she had seen me exposing myself, but my guess is that she feared that I might be a molester who would try to take advantage of the boys. The boys stayed around, and we brought her into our conversation. I purposely referenced things we had previously discussed so that she would realize our conversation had been a normal one. She was a retired school teacher, and much of our conversation from that point dealt with the boys being students and what they were studying in school. Being beside me, she could see nothing related to my penis. Therefore, I opened my legs (which I had temporarily closed when she approached) a little wider. The boy on the ground was the only one with a view, but it was a good one. As we talked, he sat there looking up the leg of my shorts. He was no further than a meter from me and had a perfectly clear view of my penis and my balls. It was so exciting knowing that he WANTED to see me and was enjoying the view. I soon became bored when the teacher wouldn't leave, however, and eventually excused myself and wandered off to another area of the park.


dansktex dansktex
61-65, M
Mar 24, 2009