"The Folder" 2

Just today I was at the mall with my art folder.  I walked past one of those stands that demonstrate and sell cosmetics. There were two women at the stand working.  Both were very sexy.  As I walked up to it one of the women left. The other woman asked if I wanted to tryout some of her products but I declined. She than asked what was the folder I was holding. I told her my art work and she asked to see. I cautioned her of course and she still wanted to see. She was so excited to see. She kept asking was it real and was it really me. She was rubbing on my chest and shoulders the whole time. I finally walked away and started heading to my car when I saw the other female at the food court. I figured she was just getting something and going back to the stand. She did and I waited a little bit before I walked past again. After about ten minutes I walked past again and the female called me. She told me she had told her co worker about the pictures and that she wanted to see them again. So I let both of them see them and they both were very excited. One of them wanted me so bad because she was Israeli and she said all her men were very small. This time both of them were rubbing on me and they even rubbed my penis. One said she would have gone to the bathroom for a little fun but she was not single. They ended up taking a picture of my pictures. All of this was happening in the middle of a crowed mall on a Saturday afternoon. It was so exciting.

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Mar 28, 2009