Austrian Sauna

 I went to Austria for some serious skiing and drinking with a few friends. Weather was fine, eating was good and boozing even better. The people at the hotel was friendly but we did not connect in any way. The hotel had a nice swimmingpool and a spa department with thermal baths the roman way. However we did not use these facilities for the first few days because skiing and afterski was more important to us.

On the third day we wanted to relax a bit, and first went to the swimmingpool. Lots of children but also a few very nice looking women too. They were covered in the hotel bathrobes laying on sunbeds on a mezzanine floor above the pool area. We went there to find a bed to relax. As we went past these ladies I got a glimpse of shaved ***** as one of them turned around. Hmm... Interesting. The ladies left the pool soon after and we went swimming.

We soon got bored by swimming in rather cool water and went to the spa. The sign above the door stated that this was a thermal temple. On the door another sign said that no children under 14 was allowed. When we entered the main hall of the spa people were walking completely nude. Recliners was arranged at the opposite wall and people rested with or without bathrobes. OK, find a chair and get undressed! The showers were located at the left side of the spa along with a jacuzzi and a few medium hot or dry saunas.

After some shower we went along and checked these out. Not too hot, but not many girls though. So we went to the other side of the spa, where the finnish sauna was located. Hot and moist, and with lots of women in all ages, some with boyfriends or husbands. And this was not the place to be shy. Some girls sat on the benches with there thighs wide apart. Some girls lying on there back with knees in the air to save space. We found our placed on the third row where the heat was most intense. And I started to develop a hard on that was impossible to hide. But none complaints. The girls did not do anyting to hide either, and most of them was neathly shaved or had a recent brazilian wax. Or so it seemed. The athmosphere was "sehr gemütlich" although the heat made it hard to conversate.

We stayed in the spa for about one and a half hour with lots of showers and rests in the temple between the sauna sessions.

The next morning, in the ski garage, we met some of the men and women we had met in the sauna the night before. Now we were no strangers anymore, and smiles and nods were exchanged.

Strange how dropping the clothes may bring people closer.



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So true - no clothes and we're all human!

How the Germans & Austrians do it should be World Best Practice!<br />
In UK everybody sits on swim costumes which "feels" wrong after going nude

I just love how the Germans and Austrians enjoy swim and sauna together in the altogether.

I SURE wouldn't do that - half the town would die if they knew I took of my clothes to go to bed - let alone hung out around the pool etc.!!

It will probably be no problem at all. Most likely you will give them a nod and they will nod back. Probably with a smile. But don't do what a friend of mine once did when he met a girl in the grocery store that he had previously met on a nude beach: "I did'nt recognize you with clothes on...."

A recent visit to a nudist camp in our area put us together with several people from our town. We know them (not personally before had) and will run into them eventually... I've been wondering how that was going to go.

Such a rush, is'nt it? Love to go back.

Sounds great. I had a similar experience at a Japanese spa where I was in the sauna with 5 other people, all good looking women. My eyes wandered and my d*ck stiffened...

Lucky devil!! Life should be so good. .....and then you came home to the US.