Showing Off My Wife In Hotel Window

First let me say that I believe my wife doesn't know she can be seen but there is a slight possibility that she knows but just won't admit to it.  We went to a hotel this past Saturday night to have a nice dinner in Alexandria, Virginia then a nice evening at a high rise hotel in Arlington.  We had stayed in the same hotel just the previous weekend for a conference so this is two weeks in a row that we put on a show for the apartment building across the street!


When we got to the hotel room before going to dinner, my wife began questioning if we could be seen in the windows and I again insisted that we couldn't because it was mirrored glass (which it isn't.  Some hotels in this area do have that appearance but this one didn't).  She said she was a little leery and we should check when we head out for dinner.  She specifically said she wanted to leave the light on in the room to see if anyone could see in.  I know she was being cautious because after I took a shower, I came out of the bathroom and she had closed the curtain sheers so she could change.  She was wearing a nice black thong and bra when I came out but the curtain sheers were closed.  At that point I was thinking to myself two things:  1. it’s too bad she closed the sheers because that would have been a trigger to let the people in the apartment to be looking later in the evening and 2. That she would insist on closing the sheers when we got back after our dinner so there would be no showing her off tonight.  Well, as luck would have it, it was another 45 minutes before we went out to dinner.  There was a beautiful sunset and we watched it and she forgot about checking to see if anyone could see in the room when we left for dinner.


We had a wonderful 2 1/2 hour dinner and split a bottle of wine.  My wife is a true lightweight when it comes to alcohol so she was feeling pretty good when we left.  I took that as a good sign of things to come because she gets very uninhibited and horny when she's had just the right amount to drink.


We got back to our room around 10:30 and she proceeded to go in to the bathroom to get changed.  The curtains were still fully opened and I got changed as well in front of the window to see if drew any attention.  She took a few minutes and I noticed two guys out on an apartment balcony while I was waiting.  I turned the TV on to provide some additional lighting of the room and we had left the ceiling dome light right inside the hotel room door on as well.  I moved the chair in the room over closer to the side of the bed so it would provide the best view possible if I could get her off the bed and in to the chair for sex later.  Much to my initial disappointment, she turned off the dome light by the hotel door when she came out of the bathroom.  She told me that she had forgotten to check to see if anyone could see in.  She was dressed totally hot wearing an aqua blue lace thong and bustier with leopard print and aqua blue trim.  I moved over to the chair to see if she would walk over toward the window and she did for just a second and then headed over the bed.  I need to mention that we had a hotel room where we were at the opposite side of the hotel from providing the best viewing angle to the apartment.  I wasn't sure if anyone watching in the apartments across the street would be able to get a good view while we were on the bed due to the angle.  The apartment building two blocks away would have a great view but there was quite a distance and I'm not sure anyone would notice.  The target was the building across the street because that is the same building that got the show the previous weekend.


Once she got on the bed, she got on all fours with her butt facing me (and the window) and she started to wiggle her sexy booty for me (see the picture of it).  I rubbed and nibbled on her butt for a minute then I walked around to the other side of the bed.  I began to rub her shoulders and told her that her butt looked really good in the window reflection and I loved seeing it that way because it was like a mirror.  I then mentioned that when the dome light by the door was on there was a better reflection in the glass and I really liked the "full mirror effect" the glass provided when the light was on.  She said she didn't want me to but I gently persisted and she didn't object when I went and turned the light on.  I told her that I could see her even better now in the glass (I could but I'm sure the apartment across the street would be able to better see as well!) and she didn't say anything else about the light being on.  I had her lay on her stomach with head facing the window and I began to give her a good body massage.  As I was rubbing her, I was trying to figure out if the viewing angle was good enough for the guys on the balcony to see us.  I appeared that they would only be able to see her head and possibly her upper half due to the angle of the window relative to the apartment building.  I then moved around to the window side of the bed and had her move as close as possible to that side of the bed and roll over on her back.  I looked out the window for a moment and could see the two guys on the balcony clearly trained on our hotel room window as well as another guy silhouetted in his apartment window watching.  I started rubbing her boobs and then slowly moved down and started rubbing her *****.  She very quickly took her thong off and put my fingers inside her to start fingering her.  She was grinding against my fingers and thrusting her hips while I was standing on the side of the bed with my hard **** right next to her face.  I asked her if she wanted in her mouth and she said yes.  I began ******* her mouth and fingering her at the same time and she had an ****** within about a minute.  I later figured out that the guys on the balcony could probably only see her sucking on my **** but couldn't see the rest of her.  The guy that was watching from his window probably had full view.  They were both a few floors below us (we were on the 14th floor and they were on the 7th and 8th respectively).


After giving her a second to recover, I then decided it was time to go for it and see if she would come over to the chair in full view of everyone watching.  I went and sat in the chair and asked her to come over and sit on my **** reverse cowgirl.  She immediately did.  At this point need to say that she wears glasses/contacts and had taken her contacts out and didn't have her glasses on so she wouldn't be able to tell if anyone was watching out the window as she can't see far away without them on.  Just as she was getting positioned to sit on my deck, I noticed orange LED flashes coming from a camera from the guys on the balcony.  We had clearly drawn their attention and given them enough time to get their camera.  She began riding me reverse cowgirl for a few minutes and the camera continued to go off.  I noticed that both the guys on the balcony as well as the guy in the window immediately turned out the lights so as "not to be seen watching".  Little did they know I was intending to have them get a show all along.  My wife then turned around and mounted me regular cowgirl for few minutes and rode me that way.  I thrust against her pretty good as to make her boobs bounce nicely for the viewing audience.  After a few minutes of that, I had her stand and bend over facing the chair.  I then took her doggie style for a couple of minutes.  At this point, we had been in clear view of the people watching for about 10 minutes and I'm sure we were putting on one heck of a show for them. 


I told her I wanted to take a break for a minute and get a drink of water as I was feeling dehydrated from all the wine (which I was).  The bottles of water were on a small table by the window and walked over to get one.  At that point, I could also clearly see the glow from a video camera on the same balcony that had been taking pictures earlier.


After getting my water, I laid down on the bed next my wife for about 10 minutes just cuddling with her and rubbing her body.  After about 10 minutes, she began giving me a nice hand job and then climbed on top of me.  She rode me cowgirl while sitting straight up for about 5 minutes. I was able to see that the guy in the window had a clear view but the guys on the balcony probably could barely see what was going on.  I then asked her to move over to the chair again.  She moved back over to the chair and bent over facing the chair (parallel to the window) so I could take her doggy style standing up.  I knew at this point I wouldn't be able to keep from ******* much longer and I began ******* her pretty hard.  I know her boobs were bouncing around a bunch and I hope the guys enjoyed that view as it is probably my favorite to see.  Right when I was about to ***, I pulled out and she got on her knees in front of me and I came all over her boobs.  I was thinking the guys watching probably thought I was giving her a facial but I actually wasn't.  In any case, I'm sure there were no complaints.


When we were done, she stood up and walked past the window one last time headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. After getting cleaned up, I was standing by the window (had my boxers on at this point) and she walked over to the window naked and hugged me and gave me a kiss.  That was one last show for the guys watching.  She then got in to bed and went to sleep.


It was an awesome evening and very erotic.  I'm thinking of dropping a note with my email information to the guys that were watching (I figured out which apartments they were in) to ask them if they enjoyed the show and if they would share the video and pics.  What do you think.....should I do it or is it too risky?

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that was a freakin hot story..don't know about the email.... if they read it they will contact you

That was a beautiful story

Great story, but I think your wife knew full well what was going on, but prefers to "play dumb" thereby protecting her "innocence" in your eyes. She sounds like a wonderful woman and you are a lucky guy.

Woooo great story I live in Alexandria va give me an email the next time u put on a show would love to get a room in the hotel and take pic for u

A great show once again! Thanks for the story. If you left a note you'd have to word it very carefully so the guys didn't think you were mad at them or something. But go for it!... It would be great if you could get some of their pics.