My Female Best Friend Saw Me Naked

In college, my best friend was a girl.  I never really had a romantic interest in her, but I always wanted her to see me naked, and I wanted it to seem accidental.  Well, it happened a few times.  The first time she saw my penis truly was accidental, and I don't think she saw much of it.  I lived off campus, and she was in my room talking to me.  I was wearing shorts, but no underwear.  These were old shorts, and I didn't know they had started to tear and a hole had opened in the crotch.  She had asked to borrow something, which was in my closet, and when I went to get it I had to spread my legs and squat to get at it (my closet was small so I had imaginative ways of storing things), so this caused the hole to open larger.  I handed her what she wanted, and sat back down in the chair, and when I did part of my penis stuck out of the hole.  I don't know how long she looked at it before saying anything, but I sat there a few minutes before she finally said "you're hanging out."  I said "what", and she just motioned downward.  I looked, and saw what she saw.  I apologized, and went to the bathroom and changed clothes, then showed her the hole in them, telling her it had just opened up.  She giggled, and said "it was an accident, don't worry about it."  But, that accident sparked more intentional attempts to show her my penis. 

She and I were very close, and she would often come to my house unannounced, and this led to her seeing me naked more than once.  My roomate, at the time, was in the National Guard, so I would have the house to myself for entire weekends, on occasion.  One those weekends, I often walked around naked, as I love to be naked.  Well, one Saturday when my roommate was gone I was doing my usual thing, but I decided to get all of my laundry clean since I didn't have to share the washer and dryer with him.  Our house had a laundry room attached to the kitchen, which the front door opened directly into.  I was in the laundry room, naked, when my friend walked in the front door.  I had no clothes in the laundry room, as they were all in the washer, so I had no choice but to leave the laundry room naked.  We had a loud washing machine, but despite the washer running, I heard her come in the door.  She never announced when she came in, she would just walk in and look for me.  In order to get to the washer, you had to shut the door, so she hadn't seen me.  I decided to "pretend" I didn't know she was there.  My plan had gotten me slightly excited, but I was not hard, so it was hanging, but kinda impressive (in my mind).  I opened the door, but looked away from her and towards the light switch and turned it off as I exited the laundry room, giving her time to see me without her knowing I knew she was there.  THen, when I turned to face her, she was standing frozen, wide-eyed, with her hand over her mouth.  I stammered something unintelligible, then feebly attempted to cover myself.  She turned her back to me, then said "why are you naked."  I told her I was doing laundry, and was alone, so I didn't bother to put anything on, then I told her to wait there while I found some clothes.  The rest of the day, she kept glancing down toward my crotch, and I could tell it was still on her mind.

The first time she saw me with an erection was also on a weekend when my roommate was away.  It was early May, and our AC had gone out Saturday evening and it would be Monday before the landlord could fix it, so I opened all the windows to the house to let some air circulate.  When I went to bed, I left my bedroom door open and slept on top of the covers (naked, of course).  Sunday morning (I think it was technically still morning) rolls around, and I hear a car pull up at the house, and my mind starts instantly running.  I know it must be her, so I plan a little fun.  I have a mirror in my room, and from the bed I can see the door, so I start playing with myself to get the biggest erection I can muster, and turn my head away from the door, toward the mirror, so I can see the door.  When I hear the front door shut, I stop playing with myself and close my eyes, leaving them open just enough that I can see the mirror but she will still think I'm asleep.  My heart is pounding out of my chest in anticipation, but I am rewarded when she steps into my doorway.  There I am, lieing flat on my back, with the biggest ***** I've ever had sticking straight up in the air, and my head turned on its side, looking like I am asleep.  I see her stop in the doorway, and her eyes are GLUED to it.  She starts to smile as she slowly, and quietly, tip-toes towards the bed.  She stands over me, staring at my penis, for about 30-45 seconds before she backs away.  She returns to the doorway and says "wakey, wakey."  I open my eyes, groggily, and turn my head toward the door, and hear her comment, "although it looks like you're already up."  I never even untucked the sheets, so I can't pull them up to cover myself, so I "instinctively" roll over, covering my penis butt showing her my butt, to which she says "I guess this is my lucky morning" and then turns and walks out of the bedroom. 

A few other stories of mine involve her, but those will wait for requests.

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More, more, more :P

Yeah she did

more stories

i'm requesting more stories now lol

Very intrigueing story, as well as a fun experience. I've never really considered myself an exhibitionist... but then again, what's in a name. I really do enjoy the opportunity to "expose" new people to the fact that I'm a nudist, and a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were at a neighbors house watching a **** flick, naked of course. It did feel good to have my erection ogled by the neighbors. Who knows, maybe I am an exhibitionist and just didn't realize it...

Great last experience. I'm a bit surprised that it didn't go a bit further since she obviously enjoyed seeing you naked. But maybe it did in a later experience. I am looking forward to finding out, and would enjoy reading more of your stories.