Her Roommate Liked To Watch

I met this blonde office clerk (Susan) at a training session at another base.  She was divorced, 39 and in pretty good shape.  During the breaks we got to know each other and since I was from out of town she invited me over to apartment for dinner.  She shared the apartment with another girl but she suppose to out for the evening.  While she made dinner we flirted with each other, kiss passionately from time to time and groped each other just to tease the other person.  Right after dinner we just could not wait and tore our clothes off each other in the living room.   She had beautiful thighs and was mostly shaved and I could not wait to taste her nectar, so I dove right in.  After only two minutes of orally pleasing her she came hard gushing her nectar all over my face.  It was so great I could not stop and another couple minutes later she came hard again.  I wanted to see how many time I can make her do this.  It was about the third time she came I looked up and saw her roommate watching us.  I could tell she was turned on and so I continued and watch to see what her roommate was going to do.  After the fourth ******, she sat down on the couch, spread her legs, and began to **********.  Susan was too far out of it to notice but it made me want to continue until she ran dry or collapsed which ever came first.  The carpet was completely soaked under Susan and her roommate was about to *** herself.  Finally Susan turned and watch her roommate came while watching her.  I think they have done this before.  

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Pretty good shape? Ha !! Hysterical -- nice story.

I would like to have taste her nectar, too.