Return From Camping

After we had been married 5 years we moved to California and we became huge fans of camping out. We purchased a pop up trailer from my boss and would camp at least once a month. There were many places to camp in southern California but our favorite place was Pismo Beach, which was an hour or two north of where we lived. The only down side to Pismo Beach is that our trailer would need to be cleaned every time we got home because of all the sand.

We had spent a weekend at Pismo and we were both pretty worn out and we both had our grubby cloths on. I had on a ragged out t-shirt and shorts and Donna had on some shorts and a sheer, yellow cotton shirt.  On the drive home I had played with the buttons and had the shirt unbuttoned to just above her navel. Even when Donna is worn out she still looks so incredibly hot to me.

We parked the camper in front of our house and I popped it up so we could do our usual clean up. Donna crawled inside the trailer and began her cleaning ritual and I began unpacking the camping gear out of the truck. While I took one of my many loads inside our next-door neighbor came over to see what was going on. He was a 14-year-old boy that had a huge crush on Donna.

I came out and saw Steven leaning over the bottom half of the trailers' closed door and knew he was visiting with Donna. As I grabbed another load of stuff from the truck I hollered hi at him, which really seemed to startle him. He looked at me with a very guilty look on his face much like he had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He swallowed and said hi back.

At first I didn't think much of it and off into the house I went with my armload. As I sat the gear down it dawned on me. I bet I knew just what I had caught him doing. As I went back out I saw that he was still visiting with Donna, surprise, surprise. Even though I still had some more gear in the truck I headed over to the trailer to see what her little buddy was up to.

I approached the door of the camper and he moved a step or two away as if to say "I wasn't doing anything." I smiled at him and then turned my attention towards my wife. She was sitting down in the trailer and she had her back to me. She was leaning over trying to put some of the things in a storage area under one of the beds.

I asked her to hand me some of the food sacks so I could take them inside. As she turned back my way to hand me the sacks I saw just what had her little buddy's attention. Her shirt was still unbuttoned and looking down on her from our vantage point I was looking at such a lovely view.

Her exposed breasts were enough to take my breath away so I could only imagine what it was doing to this young boy. She handed me a few bags and I asked her how her cleaning was going. As she talked she turned and continued doing what she had been doing before I showed up.  She would lean over and move around, and scoot around, and the more she did the more her shirt did.

I had seen just what her little buddy had been gawking at and I headed back into the house acting like everything was normal. Without hesitating Steven moved right back to his spot the second I headed away.

As I took the groceries inside I was smiling and thinking to myself, does she know what she's doing to this poor kid? Could she really be so tired she didn't realize her shirt was unbuttoned down to her navel? Could she be so busy that she didn't realize that her upper woman hood was not only exposed but that this young boy who had such a huge crush on her for so long was having his ultimate fantasy fulfilled?

It took us about 30 minutes to finish the trailer and I bet this boy has never forgotten this 30 minutes of his life. What a lucky kid.

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6 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Chey, Xtom, Robert, & George. That kid is now a grown man and I bet he still remembers this day.


i'm 53 and i would enjoy that.

that neighbor will never forget her as long as he lives. It is a nice honoring of your sweet wife.

Actually, I do have a pic of her in that top and I posted it in my pic section.

The kid will be ******* off to that memory for a long time! ****.. I might have to too! LOL.. You did make sure to snap a few pics of her efforts didn't ya! Bill in Va.