Internet Pics

I used to share naked pictures of myself on the Internet. I started it when my husband suggested it to help improve my confidence about about my body. Well I posted a few and got some really nice compliments. I started to get aroused by it all and responded back to these guys and some girls. Sometimes we had really good cyber sex. Well I added a couple of guys onto MSN and one day one suggested that we used web cams. I was a little nervous at first but after the first time I really enjoyed it and started to dress up for the guys and ********** for them and watch them get off. I still do it now occasionally on cam although I haven't posted pics for a long time.  

tiggerbounce80 tiggerbounce80
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Well you look stunning in your profile pic are your pics still on the Internet anywhere for us to see

Yeah feel much better about myself - although losing 3stone helped too!<br />
<br />
Mmmm thanks for the hugs

you should post some of your pics here for us also. all us guys here can boost your confidence with pics of our tributes that we can give to you.

Mee too pls

count me in