The New Gold “Standard”

I am a man of many enthusiasms, and when I have the opportunity to combine them I consider it a very good thing.  This story is about combining two of my favorites.

I have always been a fan of exhibitionism.  I keep myself in excellent shape, work out regularly, and well, nature kinda blessed me.  My favorite form of exhibitionism is the act of semi-private sex.  I’m not looking to get arrested, so this pursuit usually takes the form of playing in what would normally be considered a private space, but which allows exposure to anyone who happens to look in the right direction.  I generally participate in this with attractive women, and I don’t deny that those who happen upon us and stay to watch are more likely to be interested in her over me. But who they are watching isn’t as important as the fact that they are.  The idea that they may initially be taken aback by stumbling upon us, but ultimately can’t help but watch is a huge turn-on for me.  One of my favorite venues is hotels, and since NYC is fairly local to me and the current crop of midtown hotels often feature full length windows, well, I’m a happy guy.

Another of my enthusiasms is, well to put it realistically, ******* other men’s wives.  Now, to my knowledge, I’ve never bedded another man’s wife without his explicit approval, though there are times when I’ve never met him.  I’m a bull, and I participate in both MFM hotwife sex as well as cuckolding.  I fell into this lifestyle through a chance meeting in a gym locker room, (he inquired, I met her), and haven’t looked back.  To be frank, I’ve never reflected too much on just why I find these relationships as exciting as I do, but as long as there are loving husbands out there who graciously allow me to have some of the most heart pounding sex ever, with some of the most attractive women I’ve ever met, I’m not going to be too introspective. 

On to the story.

My partner, (V),  in this particular experience is beautiful 33 year-old woman who plays a very dominant role over her much older, submissive cuckold and sissy husband. And while I’ve never met him, he surly knows quite a bit about me as our adventures nearly always include some type of record; photos, videos or even an open phone line for him to listen in on.  We’ve even had sex while V was speaking on the phone to her mother-in-law! As my work often has me in Manhattan overnight, we are able to schedule regular meetings.  Luckily for me, she also shares the exhibitionist gene.

Early last year the NYC Standard Hotel opened and it quickly became known as an exhibitionist/voyeur hot spot.  The hotel actually straddles the new Highline Park in the Meatpacking district and with full room-width, floor to ceiling windows,  reports from park strollers began to surface of couples, (and a few singles),  making great use of the hotel’s visual proximity to the park below.  I received an overly lascivious and excited email from V telling me she had reserved a room for the following Saturday night and that I should plan on meeting her at the hotel shortly after check-in time so that we could make the most of the warm sunny day and the park users it would attract. She even specified when making her reservation that we have a north-facing room, (so that our play would not be occluded by the sun reflecting off the room’s windows).

As arranged, I met V in the hotel lounge at 4 in the afternoon. As always, she wasn’t hard to miss, in a very short, blood red dress with her long black hair worn lose and perfectly cut. Oh, add that to the fact that she is a 5’11” size 6 in 5” heels and she was attracting the attention of both the men and the women near by. I gave her a hug and she returned it with a now customary deep kiss followed by a long, slow grind into my rapidly stiffening **** – there wasn’t anywhere I’d rather be just then than right there.

We sat at the bar and V told me she’d been up to the room, and was really excited about both the view out and what she imagined the view in would be.  We talked a little about what she’d like to do that afternoon and about how wet the whole idea was making her.  I of course took that as an invitation to confirm her level of anticipation.  She recognized the surprise in my eyes when after sliding my hand along her thigh and under the hem of her dress I encountered the very rare pair of panties, though admittedly they were very damp panties.  V explained that once I saw the room I’d understand.  She had opened the drapes and set up a chair next to the window with plans to do a very lengthy striptease for me.  She really wanted to put on a show and had worn the thong so that she could prolong her performance.

We finished our drinks in the bar and V asked if I was ready to head up to the room. “Honestly V” I told her, “I was ready as soon as I walked into the lounge and saw you in that dress”.  Smiling, she took my hand and I lead her to the elevators.  When the doors opened we walked in followed by a very young Asian couple.  V held the door open button and asked the young woman if they wouldn’t mind taking the next ride up. She explained that we hadn’t seen each other for several weeks and in a very blunt way made it clear she planned on some foreplay on the way up.  “Of course, you’re welcome to ride up and watch if you’d like” she told them. They quickly backed out of the car.  On the ride up, V made good on her plans, and had me unzipped and out of my pants by the time the elevator stopped at our floor. She poked her head out the door to se if there was anyone in the hall, then it was her turn to lead me to the room, by my very hard ****.

V hadn’t been kidding, she really had set up the room for her striptease, the curtains were open as far as they would go and a chair had been placed near the center window.   And all the hotel comments were true as well,  they were very big windows.  There was even a full size window in the shower stall.

After some getting-reacquainted -fondling and kissing, V slipped on a garter belt and stockings to match what she already had on underneath her dress, and with a wonderfully sly smile motioned me to the chair.  My eyes kept moving from the view of people strolling below us to V moving around the room and getting ready for her performance.  She plugged her iPod into the room’s stereo and we were off to the races.  V started slowly, rhythmically,  she’d thought out her playlist and was definitely dancing as much for her perceived audience as she was for me.  She’d toss her hair, let it slide gently across my shave head, and pull me to her breast.  Several times she’d sit on my lap and grind to the beat of the music, and each time she rose the hem of her dress would be a bit higher, another strap fallen off her shoulder.  It wasn’t long before the dress just slid down over her thighs and lay pooled on the floor.  Up until then, she’d been dancing clothed, but now, well, there could be little doubt of her intention.  After all, a woman of her stature, in a black shelf bandeau bra, thong, garter, stockings and 5” heels couldn’t go unnoticed for very long.    

V’s next order of business was to undress me. She pulled me out of the chair and deftly moved it away from the window.  My shirt, pants, and socks were all removed and tossed to the bed.  As is often the case, I’d dressed for our date in commando fashion which now left me naked in the window and leaving little doubt to the level of my arousal.  And, I had enough of my passive role to this point.  Even with her heels, I’m still taller than V, and used my height advantage to take her by the wrists and pin her against the glass.  I kicked her feet apart and there she was,  facing the park and spread eagle to the world. 

I let my hands slide down V’s arms, and continued the pressure against the window, letting her know she was to keep her hands in place. Continuing down her body I reached around with one hand and released the front clasp of her bra.  Without shoulder straps, the garment fell to the floor, exposing her breasts and granting me aces to her very sensitive nipples.  I wanted to take her right then, but this play was more about theater than release, and I had all night to make her my personal, private toy.

We continued this play for quite a while until V made it clear she wanted ******, and ****** now.  V spent nearly half an hour working our way though every variation of standing positions available, and it was clear to both of us that our audience was building.  I was sure that several times V’s legs would buckle in the throes of ******, but she remained upright, albeit with a far amount of support from me.

I finally told her it was my turn to ***, and I wanted her on her knees in front of me. V complied and began the long, deep strokes she knew I wanted.  Ten minutes into her blow job, V looked up and told me that her husband was sitting on a bench below us and had been watching the whole time.  This revelation put me over the top, and I grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust balls deep into her throat.  My release came quickly and powerfully, and left V with my *** gloriously dripping off her lips.

We were spent, and simply moved away from the window and closed the drapes without looking back through the window.  After a few glasses of wine we took a short nap and prepared for a night at a private  fetish party, but that’s a story for another time.  A few days later I received an email from V’s husband thanking me for my part in the show, and telling me he had stopped counting at 50 the number of people who looked up and watched our little show.

 Oh, and by the way, we’ll be in the window of a large, midtown hotel on 7th ave on Sunday, Valentines day! 

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Quite the experience!