Love To Show(pictures included)

When i look back it all started ...

Ever since i was young playing the doctor and nurse type games with my mate, his sister and this other girl (we all lived in the same street.) i realised i was much bigger down there than him even back then, as we got older the games got more serious and the difference in sizes got even bigger and they were in awe of it which boosted my self confidence alot as you can imagine.

It wasn't long before i wanted to show it off every chance i got and this is where i picked up on the trick of leaving the bathroom door unlocked, this is a good way to get caught and act innocent hehe and the amount of times ive had people walk in on me aswell, it was especially good because i had/have alot of mates with sisters and fit mums who have given mixed reactions.

But there are many other places like at the doctors,the gym,school,college,the beach and at parties where ive taken the chance and got many a fond memory and story to tell...


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Been having real trouble keeping it in my pants again lately

I'm afraid I'd have to be a bit "Seinfeldish" on the issue of whether my gf liked sucking **** or not. It may seem a bit petty, but it would be a good enough reason for me to move on.

I love getting my **** out, the really funny thing is when i was younger i thought it was quite small but the more i showed it and the more time passed by i realised it's not a bad size atall, especially after giving a few gfs jawache, a few have tried and failed but i suspect they just didn't like sucking **** and also comparing it to other guys.

Well now - it's fun to hang with uninhibited folk!

Once during the summer i was on the beach and went off to a rockpool which was quite secluded and i took off my shorts to get some sun and to dust off the sand, it felt so good i stayed like it and i had a raging hardon, a women walked by in plain view and she had a look and walked past. it felt so naughty..<br />
<br />
This other time at a newyears eve party things got a bit wild and people started stripping off, girls and guys alike, we were all really drunk and it was such good fun showing it off to a few of my mates girlfriends who were there.


Well as far as parties go there are some stories to tell but the one that probably the funniest is this.<br />
<br />
I was at a house party in the summer with my gf a few of her friends and a few of my mates, it was a big house and the girl who invited us parents were away for a few weeks and there were loads of people there.. several of us ended up in the front room and everyone else was outside, in the kitchen or out in the pool room which was the top floor of a double garage.There was loads of drinking and smoking going on that weekend...<br />
<br />
There was a handful of couples, and half dozen singles who were mostly girls and the topic turned to sex it was going well at first and was exciting but then my gf and a few of the other girls started arguing over the size of their guys ***** and although men always compare their ***** in their minds or in the shower we don't really want to be put on the spot and compared then and there through fear of being totally put to shame as many guys here i'm sure will agree. So we just wanted this argument to slide but the girls all joined in and there was no escape.<br />
<br />
So here we were all basically being pressured by the girls to have a competition which would be judged by them and the part of me that enjoys showing took over from the part of me that feared losing so eventually even the few shy guys agreed and we dropped our jeans, there were some bright red faces in the room but it was prettymuch peer pressure so they just had to deal with it. Most of us guys including myself got hard as nails and after alot of debate the girls voted mine the nicest even though one guys was longer and anothers was close, but they all agreed (apart from the one girl who argued with my gf who thought her bf should win) that mine had the much bigger girth. This was such a boost to my self esteem that i was buzzing for hours afterwards and i probably had some of the best sex in my life that night up in one of the guest rooms lol.<br />
<br />
I soon had this reputation amongst the girls as they all went and told their friends which was fun but also there was some embarrising moments but hey i can't complain because i don't win many competitions! lol.

Let's start with exhibition at a party! :) Took my wife to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun with exhibition ... she made me do a bit. I'd kind of like to hear yours!

Oh where to begin.

Come on, let's hear some of those stories!