Painters Outside My Hotel Window

 I was staying in a fairly new local hotel in the town of Hospet in southern India one summer. The hotel was so new that work was continuing on the top floor and on the sides of the building. My room had only one window in a rather strange location. The bathroom was at the back of the room, and the window was at the end of the short hallway leading to the bathroom entrance--what would have been the back corner of the whole room if the bathroom hadn't been built. My bed headboard backed up to the bathroom wall, and the TV was on a shelf near the door to the entrance to the room. That meant that when I was lying on my bed I was facing away from the window and towards the TV. It also meant that anyone outside my window could not see my whole bed because it was blocked by the corner of the bathroom walls; they could only see the bottom 2/3 of the right side of the bed. 


I had already scoped out the view into my room when I checked in to see if anyone would be able to see inside, since I like to expose myself as often as possible to strangers. Although there were a couple of nearby rooftops, they did not look like ones where people went regularly (as they often do in India to hang laundry or deal with water storage). And the way the room was built meant that I would almost have to be standing directly in front of the window for anyone to see me from any of those points. There was, however, a rooftop for the lower part of my building just outside my window.  Unfortunately, it didn't look like a place where anyone would be except in very unusual circumstances.  What a disappointment. Still, I left the window open, ******** nude as I always do when inside, and lay on my bed watching TV. 


Soon, however, I heard a scraping noise against the outside wall of the building. I glanced around the corner of the bathroom walls and saw that a ladder was positioned to the side of my window. Someone was working outside somewhere near my window!! I turned off the TV so that the black screen would serve as a mirror reflecting the window light and providing a silhouetted  view of anyone at the window. That would let me observe whether anyone discovered the view inside my room and paused to look at me. Then I started ************. 


It's been my experience that people will look briefly at someone nude, but they have a hard time looking away if they see someone ************ (especially if they think the *********** doesn't know they are looking). I also knew that the fact they would only be able to see the bottom 2/3 of my body meant that they would have no idea that I would be able to observe them looking in at me. 


Soon a man began climbing up the ladder with painting supplies and stopped suddenly on a lower rung. He was looking at me. He just stayed there. I was in heaven. But others were working along the side of the building and he had to go on up the ladder to do his job. As he painted, he made his way back down the wall. When he got to where he could see back into my window, he spent a long time slowly painting down the rest of the wall. Then he moved the ladder. This time, I could see in the TV reflection that it was right in front of my window. He was slow to position it giving him plenty of time to watch. He had to climb up again, but he returned as he painted his way down the wall. 


A helper came as he was working at the top of my window. I think he must have motioned for him to come see. Anyway, the helper stood right in the open window painting around the lower frame area while I was ************ no more than 2 meters (6 feet) from him! 


I knew that word would pass to other workers, so I kept a watch out through the days that I was continued to stay there. I often saw them in the hallways and in the lobby of the building. They were all young men in the range of 18-30 years old. Once, I hopped off the bed to go to the bathroom. A man was sitting on the roof reading a book--positioned so that he could see into my room and see me on my bed. Unfortunately, I must have scared him away. He was gone and the book was still laying there when I came out of the bathroom. 


I was so lucky that such an unpromising place for exposing myself should turn into such a good one. It's not often that one can be observed from such a short distance while pretending that he doesn't know!! I've had many good ************ sessions from remembering what those guys were seeing and how interested they were. 
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Hot day of fun for all. :) I'm sure it was quite pleasing.