I Love To Show Off, Dress Sexy And Sunbathe Nude

I am a 40-something mother of two.  I love to wear see through tops and skirts without panties.  This particular story involves sunbathing at my old home.

I usually sunbathe nude or at least topless when I can.  This day was no exception as I was alone... the kids at school and my husband working.  It must have been about noon when my husband came home to grab something and he came out to say hi.  He loves whewn I sunbathe as he thinks tans are sexy and loves my body.  I stay fit in my 120's and stand 5'5".

After talking for a few minutes, he noticed that the neighbors sone (18-ish) was watering the fence between our two yards.  I instantly felt a rush, but kept it to myself.  My husband wanted to say something, but I told him it was ok and not to worry.  He was excited, but agreed, shook his head and went back t o work.

What he didn't know was that the young man continued to watch be sunbathe and was stroking himself.  I could see between the slats and got excited enough to play with myself.  We both must have *** three times that afternoon without speaking a word to each other.

That evening, my husband spoke with the neighbor and they agreed to put up a block wall.  I knew that charade would come to an end soon, but laid out again every chance I had.

I encountered my little fan the next week the day before construction on the wall was supposed to start.  This time, I walked over to the fence and invited him to watch up close.  We *********** in front of each other several times that day.  It was the last time I saw him before he moved to Colorado to start summer school.

What a turn on.


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your whole story is a major turn on

A beautiful story. I'm sure the neighbour's lad really appreciated his lessons in one of life's mopre wonderful things. Glad you enjoyed it too. Appreciate your sharing this sexy and uplifting story. Sorry that the wall was changed.

I bet he still remembers it too!


Yeah, same as solarpanel, but I`d probably pole vault the ******* fence as well, quick hop skip and jump, and buried myself to the root in your warm moist hole, and snake danced with you till the fire brigade hosed me of. Why aint you living next door to me??????. XXXX

Fantastic. The world needs more of you.

Fantastic. The world needs more of you.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I think I'm in love!

What a hot story!

what a shame he wanted to put a wall up.<br />
<br />
I am glad you enjoy your sensuality, exhibitionism