Exhibitionist To Blackmail

I was in my mid 30's when my wife and I seperated. I found a dive of an apartment and moved out. I have always enjoyed being nude and when I was home, I would *****. Because it wasn't a very nice neighborhood, I had very little traffic by my apartment. One evening when it was nearly dark, I was talking on the phone and playing with myself. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a older woman looking in the window. I tried not to notice but she moved to the other window obviously to get a better look. I could now see her. She was in her 50's I guessed, wearing a big baggy dress. I continued to stroke myself. With her watching, I was staight up and hard as a rock.I noticed something in her hand but couldn't decide what it was until it was too late. I assumed she would leave and then I would relieve myself. I turned away and heard the door open. My heart raced as I turned around and she was standing there. She was not a woman I would ever consider bedding and I was shocked when she clicked 3 pictures of me. She told me she had others when I was ************ and unless I did what she said she would show the cops.

I was speechless. She stepped up next to me and grabbed my balls. She squeezed them and told me to follow her. She led me to my bedroom where she told me to lie on my back. She raised her dress and climbed on to my face. The smell was bad and her hairy vagina was smeared all over my face.She told me to lick her *** and stick my tongue in it. I objected and tried to get out from under her.  She said fine, she would go straight to the police.She had me! I didn't need that on my record.

I told her that she had outfoxed me and I would do what she asked. I sucked on her for nearly an hour and she came countless times. I got used to sucking on her holes and playing with her saggy ****. She had me ********** for her while she filmed the whole thing. I left feeling used and ashamed.

I saw her repeatedly over the next few weeks and she made me do all sorts of things, including her best friend who liked to slap men in the balls and generally abuse them.She did everything a woman can do to a man. I learned I liked that and even after I moved to another home, I still yearn for an older woman who knows how to use a younger man.

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You do know that what she did was illegal and she would be the one arrested .

i like dit as i have a thing for being blackmailed ummm

That's just a crazy story. I don't know what to say.<br />
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Of course you know she never "had" you. If she was taking pictures into your window she should be the one who gets arrested, not you.<br />
<br />
But it sounds like you wanted it. Good on ya.