Just A Few Pics.

A few years ago, I was newly single and was trying the online dating thing.  I met a girl online, and we started talking, flirting, csexing.  The whole deal.  She lived about a thousand miles from me, and we've still to this day never met, but it was still a lot of fun.  After a while she started sending me naked pics, more and more graphic each one.  I didn't have a webcam at the time (something I have since remedied) and all I could do was just snap a few pics of myself with my phone, or camera and email them.  After a while she told me she wanted some full body shots.  This was hard to do, so naturally I did the only thing I could think of.  I posted an ad on craigslist to see if anyone could help me with some naked pics.  Much to my surprise I found someone.

She was younger than me, and incredibly attractive.  I was thrilled at the idea of getting naked in front of another person.  I always have been, however, I was feeling a bit nervous about having the pics taken.  She was a fantastic photographer who helped me feel at ease almost instantly. 

We started slowly.  A few pics at first clothed just to get into it.  Then she suggested I just slowly start taking off my clothes.  I started with my shirt, and after each item of clothing came off, she took more pics of each step of undressing.  I was getting more and more excited as the process continued.

Finally I was down to just my boxers, and I was already partly erect.  The photos were going well, and I could tell the photographer was really enjoying taking the pics as well.  I dropped my boxers to the floor and her camera just kept snapping pics..over and over again.  She asked if there were any other types of photos I wanted.  I wasn't sure.  I told her my situation and asked her opinion.  She told me that if she were the other girl she would want to see pics of my penis fully erect, and me masurbating.  I loved it.

We went into my bedroom and I lay down on the bed slowly stroking.  Getting harder.  Loving being watched and photographed at the same time.  I could hear her breathing become more rapid, and she was incredibly complimentary.  I closed my eyes and just went with it.  I could hear the camera clicking over and over, and I could feel that she was very close to me.  She got onto the bed next to my and started taking close up shots of my ****.  Watching her, watching me was incredibly arousing.

She put the camera down and moved my hand away, grabbing my **** in her hand.  Without a word she bent down and put it in her mouth.  Sucking on it slowly.  She did this for just a few minutes making me even harder, and bringing me close to the edge.  Then she picked up the camera again and took more pics.

I blew a HUGE load all over myself with the camera clicking away.  She got an INCREDIBLE pic of the pop shot.  Then she smiled.

She followed me into the bathroom where I went into the shower to clean up.  She opened the curtain, and continued taking pics as I got clean.

THe pics all turned out fantastic.  I sent them to the girl I was talking to online, and naturally she loved them as well.  Unfortunately it was only a few months later that she told me she was now engaged to someone else, and we haven't talked much since, but in my mind I will ALWAYS thank her for the chance she gave me to have that experience.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Really beautiful experience. I'm glad you had it, and thank you for sharing. BTW you show yourself to be quite a good writer, literate, articulate, and with a natural eye for the detail that elicits just the images and reactions in your reader that you intend. Kudos on a very good account. I will be reading more of the stories you have posted.

We're actually still very good friends, and still have a lot of fun.

You should have stuck like glue to the girl photographer, then you could have had all the fun you needed.

I got a good hard on imagining being in your position. I did this once myself although your experience sounds better than mine since my photographer wasn't as hands-on (mouth-on?) as yours. Thanks for sharing!