Bowling In A Dress.

I would not recommend wearing a dress while bowling.  Especially if you are not wearing anything under it.  In my defense I did not know that we were going bowling when I got dressed.  We were on a double date with a couple of friends.  I thought we were going to dinner and a movie.  I am not a good bowler.  As a matter of fact I suck at it.  I was just going to watch because I was not dressed to bowl.  I was wearing a dress that was well above the knee and the top was low cut as well.  All I kept picturing in my mind were my boobs popping out and my but being on display.  I mentioned that as my reason for not doing it.  I was out voted 3 to one.  I took one test run at the lane to see if my fears were going to be realized.  By boobs stayed in and no one mentioned seeing my butt.  I was on a roll.  I managed to bowl a 120 which is a personal best for me.  I will admit that I enjoyed the thrill of bowling dressed like I was. I may have let more show than needed to be a few times.  I am the type of girl that if I see a guy or girl trying to get a good look I will make it easy to see.  So all in all it was a fun time.  On the ride back to our friends house Mary did ask me if I knew that people were watching me.  I did but I had no idea how close she was watching.  I am very sure that she was not offended one bit.  If our guys had not been there I believe we could have gotten to know each other a lot better.  I now have a new appreciation for bowling and Mary. ;-)  

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Keep me posted. Sounds hot

hot story, love *** on display!

Very cool. Thanks for the sexy story. I wish I was there.<br />

I am not surprised you adapted to the circumstances. Maybe next time just you and Mary should go bowling

lets bowl some time I will make sure you score much higher

So when are we going bowling? I guarantee you that I can coach you to a 180 game! That is if I can keep my mind off of you! Bill

Wow. You are my hero.