You Say You Are An Exhibitionist...

But you won't post photos on your albums, hmmm....

Update,,, I do believe some "exhibitionist" members actually have pix on their profiles but you need to be added as "friend" to view them. Obviously this kind of site imposed condition limits the scope of "exhibitionism", doesn't it?

Kinda like shaking hands with and introducing yourself first to every person in a nudist camp - aawkwaard LOL!

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I chose to put my photos in the private album. EP is so many things for so many people. I thought it best to separate my more revealing photos.

My hubby is Canadian, sorry for the misinfo. I've edited that now!

WE just realized you were canadian

I'm posting today lol

Yea i agree, alot of people who talk the talk but dont walk the walk. I do ;)