I Am Shy But Yet Like To Be Seen

I go around home with minimal clothes, mostly almost naked.  Even when your friends arrive, I am still bare and exposed. My body shines.  I prepare their coffee, drinks.  We sit together at the table, I serve dinner that I prepared for your friends.  Nothing covers me.

You touch me with a sense of ownership, and I get closer to you but you push me away.  I long for your touch, but you chat with your friends and laugh.   You tell me to sit down on the sofa legs spread apart, you tell me I am beauty, clean, smelling good, your friends smile, I say "I am horny" ...

You nod and I touch, yes, there, along my tender flesh, embarassed, suddenly catching myself, covering my privates, you: "bring us the desert."

On another occasion, we are at a picnic, with the same friends.  To your sign I remove my robe, nothing underneath, standing there on high chunky heels, my little back bag on the floor.  You nod again, and I take out the lube, in front of your friends, I put in me the stuff, waiting for your words.  Going around in circles.  Your frieds set up a fire, and I am there, hanged in between, not knowing what to do.  In need for your kiss.

But you have other plan, your hand already in my back bag, taking out the medium size, come closer to the fire, bend near me, expose yourself.

And the thing slides into me.  Totally embarrassed, totally in control.   "Kiss me" I beg for your breath on mine.  But the camp is not over.  I'm the only one naked, exposed, stimulated, meat on the fire, food served, I am hungry, but not for this.

Strangers passing by.  I am protected, so I think, just humiliated, no one else is in sexual position, just me, a little drunk, floating around, waiting for what that should happen over the night by the fire.

I want another girl like me near me, I don't want so much to be alone in this.  And another girl comes, we give all a show.  I feel like in a bubble bath, although near the fire, we caress and embrace, we kiss, she feels the plug in me and touches arround.  She - dressed up so elegantly, I am exposed.

How come a shy girl like me gets into this situation?  The drinks?  The atmosphere, or maybe, just maybe, I want it so much deep inside me, I want it to last forever ...

hadar99 hadar99
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2010