The Maple Leaf

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me involving my grandmother when I was 13 years old.  It was all very innocent, but extremely erotic to me, and I keep remembering it and thinking about the incident even past middle age.  By the way, this is not a story of ****** involving the elderly (although the opportunities were there) but more of exhibitionism on my part.  It fits in with my life-long compulsion to be nude and to be watched by someone, whether real or imagined, in an aroused state.  I love getting naked and I remember doing that for the first time at grandma’s house, running through the sprinklers when I was 5 years old.  I was now 7, it was summer, and I was alone in my back yard playing in a kiddie pool.  I remember lying down on a towel and the thought hit me of what it might be like to take off my swim trunks and run around the yard naked.  I did just that, and it was wonderful, incredible, exhilarating.  I can’t remember if my little **** got hard but it probably did.  Every chance since then, and into my teenage years, when I was alone at home, I ******** and ran around the yard and house butt naked, and hard.

So, with that, I’ll continue my story.  I had spent a lot of time at my widowed grandmother’s house located a couple of miles from where I lived and close to the schools I attended.  My parents both worked, so I usually stopped at grandma’s on the way home from school, or stayed the night if the parents couldn’t pick me up.  This was the arrangement for me when I was between 7 and 14 years old.  I loved staying at grandma’s house.  I was a loner, shy and quiet, and I liked to just hang around, play in her large backyard, and read and draw.  It was my own little world, and I felt safe.  I had always loved to run through the sprinklers naked, and did it often at grandma’s house, but when I reached 11 and 12, it was getting embarrassing for me, and difficult to justify to grandma, but she never seemed to mind.  Secretly, I tried to find ways to show off my growing ***** to grandma.  I’m sure she noticed, but she never spoke of it or showed disapproval.  I started to wonder what the neighbors would think if they saw a naked 12 year old boy running around the yard jumping over sprinklers.  There was only a short picket fence on one side of the yard, visible from two houses.  There were, however, lots of plants and shrubs along the fence and the most beautiful maple tree in the middle of the yard, so I felt I could duck for cover if needed, but that was never a problem.  There was one day in particular I will never forget.  One Friday coming home from junior high, I stayed the night at grandma’s house. I hung around there all day Saturday for some reason as well.  It was a sunny, balmy day and I was curled up in an old wicker chair out in the yard under the maple tree.  All of a sudden, I began to feel tingly all over and very sexy.  Since it was so warm, I took off my tee shirt and felt the breeze on my chest and shoulders.  Then off came the shorts, so now all I had on were white briefs.  It felt great!  Just then, grandma showed up.  She sat down in the other wicker chair and noticed me in my briefs.  She talked about the beautiful day and told me if I wanted to go naked, no one would know or care.  The thought had already occurred to me – besides, all the neighbors seemed to be gone.  So, off came the briefs and God it felt good.  Then grandma had an idea.  She reached down and picked up a big, green maple leaf that just fell and said, “I’ll go get a piece of tape, and we’ll tape this leaf to you to cover you up so you can walk around the yard.”  She went to get some tape and I stood there naked, waiting, feeling the warm breeze on my young body.  I had just turned 13 and by now, I had sprouted a little hair around the base of my ****.  I had noticed recently that my **** seemed to have gotten bigger, and my balls had enlarged.  I had been beating off for a couple of years, so that wasn’t new.  Grandma returned with a piece of masking tape and proceeded to tape the leaf stem to my stomach.  While she was trying to make it stick, the leaf fell off.  When she tried again, my **** began to get hard, but I fought it and it went down a little.  All grandma said was “oh-oh”!  Then she said she was going to get her movie camera and take some movies of me with my leaf on.  Fine with me, seemed like a good idea.  Grandma came back with her Kodak 8 mm movie camera and started shooting.  She was always taking movies of weird things and they always turned out bad, but she loved doing it.  I really didn’t know what to do in front of the camera, and I didn’t want to mug at it in the usual way for fear of the leaf falling off, so I moved around a little, did some flexing, then turned around so she could cover my entire backside.  As luck would have it, it was the end of the roll, so that was it.  Grandma then took her camera back to the house and I went back to put on my shorts.  While walking back to the chair, I pulled off the leaf and got hard as a rock.  For a few seconds, I thought I’d do a little dance around the yard, hoping, wishing that grandma or a neighbor would see me.  I might have done it, but I was on the edge of exploding, so I just put my shorts back on and kind of forgot about the whole thing – until about a month later.

 My brother, who is about 10 years older than me, invited me to a party.  He and his fiancé were having a get-together with friends and I thought it was neat to have been included with a bunch of young adults.  At the party, my brother and his fiancé came over to chat, and my brother said something that felt like a punch in the stomach.  He told me that grandma had shown the movie of me in the backyard to him, his fiancé, and my mother!  He didn’t tell me about it in a mean way or try to shame me, but they both seemed to be astonished that I had agreed to be filmed like that.  I didn’t know what to say.  My heart started pounding and all these excuses filled my head.  Clearly embarrassed, I tried to shrug it off and mumbled something about grandma and her crazy camera.  I had always been the good boy, the shy, quiet kid whose job in the family was to please everyone, stay out of the way, and not cause any problems.  I guess I could have done just about any outrageous boy thing and no one would have thought twice about it, but this was really unexpected and, to them, totally out of character.  Obviously, my family didn’t know me very well! That was the last anyone ever said about the incident.   I was terrified at the time and all I could think of was what if my father knew or would find out? 

I still look back on the maple leaf incident and other similar childhood erotic experiences with nostalgia.  The summer of 1963 was a simpler, more optimistic and hopeful time, and I feel sorry for today’s kids who will never know such innocence and mystery.  I never did get to see myself in my first ***** movie.  That 8 mm movie was likely lost or destroyed a long time ago, but I would love to open an old, forgotten box someday and find that little gray plastic reel of film waiting for me!

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Awesome story!!! Love it. So full of detail and honest charm. I'm glad that you had those experiences with her.