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I resist aligning myself to a philosophy of life but existentialism is so absurd it has always been my favourite.

Four either/or paradoxes

Life vs Death -  I don't accept my inevitable death or I wouldn't waste my time doing stuff that doesn't add to the quality of my life.
Isolation vs Relatedness - We are all alone and yet yearn for acceptance.  I want to feel connected, loved... but I fight it because I want to remain independent and strong.
Freedom vs Responsibility - i tell myself I am trapped by my past, my background, my skills, my wants and needs and yet all I have to do is to change, to accept I am free to do what I want.  No one can give me permission to be.
Meaning vs Meaninglessness - I have to accept there is no standardised deeper meaning to life and therefore I can stamp my own meaning on it; and be authentic by living towards that meaning without (or beyond) fear.

Picking through how I feel about these continuums of experience in the here and now has helped me with my life.

CrookedMan CrookedMan 46-50 2 Responses Feb 14, 2011

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Wonderfully strange paradoxes. I'm glad Existentialism has helped with your life. It has helped me, too, especially when I saw the movie "Port Djema," a non-story that has no point. It's not surreal. It's very realistic, like real reality. People come, people go, without any real reason, it seems.

Geez. I feel these everyday!