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Now I Know What I Am

Many years ago, in a restaurant with my friends, we discussed philosophy.
At some point, one of my friends exclaimed "Well, you're an existentialist!".

My older brother was a student at a Jesuit college when I was a pre-teen. I'd tear through his library. Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Sartre.
Copernicus, Golding, Salinger.

Those authors, and many more, steeped in me, and bloomed.

Decades later, it took a health crisis to bring the fruit.

I'm just sticking my toe in the water of this group for now.
A friend here (precious & wonderful) clued me in about it's existence.

Stories are percolating.
angsty angsty 61-65, F 4 Responses Aug 20, 2011

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I tried to find a free download of the book containing the essay Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism. I found a site, but when I tried to download it, it put malware on my computer. I had to turn off my computer for 3 days, till my computer guru could come take the malware off.<br />
<br />
So if anyone knows a reliable site/source for a free pdf file, could you please put it on this thread? Thank you.

Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks!

Dear 3d7 and Angsty,<br />
<br />
Angsty, have you followed up on the essay Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism<br />
<br />
3d7, I'm now downloading the pdf free file.

There is an amazing essay that you should read in a book entitled Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism (which, if you look, you will find available as a free pdf on the internet). The essay is called "A Life Worth Living" and is written by Julian Young.