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Kierkegaard Bugs Me

His existential angst is based on his relationship to a deity that precludes choices . Damnation or salvation.
That's awfully reductionist.
But I respect the conflicts he had.

When you throw a belief in a deity into the mix, doesn't it just smack of predestination, no choice, not really?

We deny our autonomy when we fabricate.
angsty angsty 61-65, F 6 Responses Aug 28, 2011

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My previous comment is ba<x>sed on the last chapter / summary of THE EXISTENTIALIST PERSPECTIVE by David E. Roberts in Existentialism and Religious Belief (1959) Oxford University Press

Existentialism warns against worshipping science.<br />
Don't try to prove that God [eternal Good] exists, through logic or science<br />
Do deepen the subjective and serendipitous; and synergy<br />
Recognize the positive and humanizing aspects of science.<br />
Existentialism explores in depth: guilt, anxiety, despair, and nothingness.<br />
Reconciliation of Reason and Faith<br />
united in the experiential;<br />
in the transcendental; metaphysical experience

I would join this group, but I'm not entirely sure what existentialism means! I really should know and understand this. Someone told me once that it's about your experiences-so what is it?

Thanks, angsty! I look forward to participating in this group and hearing more from you.

Existentialism does not preclude having a set of values. <br />
Being human comes with its own preconditions, which include compassion, gratitude, and common sense.

Hi, angsty, I wrote a comment to sgc about what existentialism "is", but it did not post the first time, so I shortened it and it didn't post the second time either. Is there a limit to the number of words, characters, or enter/returns in our posts? Do you know/

Do you think an existentialist person can have a set of values they go by? I'm seeking answers and points of view and would love to hear what you have to say!