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I Wasn't A Very Good Existentialist On Saturday

Last Saturday I was on a senior center trip to a mill. Usually these trips are fun.  But on this one, the driver/tour guide told us about another trip where someone got left behind.  The van did not go back to pick her up.  I asked him what happened then?  And he said, "Well, she got somebody to take her home."

As if that didn't scare me enough, he almost left me behind on Saturday.  I knocked on the bus door just as he was pulling out of the parking lot.  I freaked out (inside, not outside).   It terrified me to think of what would have happened if he had left me 25 miles from home, hot day, no public transit, and my cell phone was in the bus, along with my I.D. and credit cards and money.

That evening I was very shaky emotionally.  I wanted to cry and scream, but could not do it.  I could not get to sleep Saturday night, and called the crisis hotline at 1:30 a.m.  I had already decided to let the man's executive director know about the problem of safety and security not being taken seriously.

If Existentialism is accepting what "is," I sure did not do a good job.  I believe if I'd been left behind, I would have been so shaken up I would not have been able to think what to do to get myself home.

I did learn a lot, though.  One is, I need to keep my belongings with me at all times.  The other is that I feel a lot more "whole" about the whole thing when I get in touch with the responsible party.  I have been trying to get ahold of her all day Monday.  I hope she calls me back on Wednesday, since I will be gone all day on Tuesday.

The other thing I learned is to keep my wits about me at all times, especially in difficult times.  This takes study and practice.

Jamarian Jamarian 66-70, F 1 Response Aug 27, 2012

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what kind of bus driver consistently forgets ppl places? He should be fired.