i have been struggling with how to live an authentic life and not alienate others.  i sit now, on a friday night (peer-pressure at 26?) bec i am terrified of experiencing with my friends the rejection as i have received as of late from my family.  yet this is no sob-story, simply a tale of what-the-****.  my family is of the narrow-minded sort, and a few years back as i finally found solace in the intellectual arena and felt strong enough to break free of the meaningless repetition of daily, conscious-less life, my family rejected me.  the emotional burdens of this happening were too great.  i retreated, ran away.  i feigned light-hearted interest in their daily affairs in order to avoid the all-consuming question of why- why i do what they do not...

ohhhhh the solitude!!!!  cry cry cry. f-that, ya know?

yet, what else am i to do?  continue on, android in the making, malfunctioning right beside them? 

should i instead live my own life (whatever that means), and risk alienating those precious realtionships which, i suspect, in the end make life worth having lived?  

meeeese meeeese 31-35 3 Responses Jun 13, 2009

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If your life is authentic why would you need the acceptance of others ?<br />
<br />
Accept that you will not be accepted by most people and enjoy the brief moments you have when you make a real connection with another person.<br />
<br />
Revel in your different-ness!<br />
<br />

Look for value in the simpleness of those people. No reason why you can't have both.