Yes, the Search For Meaning!

my particular interest is in the subject of grief, and i completely believe that the way grief gets reconciled is to find a meaning for it.  whether it fits into one's original spiritual/philosophical story or belief system is irrelevant....  maybe the story will have to be changed to accommodate the loss!

anyway.  just as some wonder, "what is the meaning of life?"  i wonder, "what is the meaning of loss?"


pandora1999 pandora1999
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2 Responses Oct 9, 2007

There is meaning in everything, if you keep looking. The secret is that you can CREATE meaning.<br />
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Find a positive purpose in everything , and life will be as fulfilling as it can be.<br />
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NeoAwakens<br /><br /><br />

Or a Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said: In facing death we face the more ultimate question of the meaning of life. I think that the way we face death says a lot about how we face life.