Kittens Can Give Life Purpose

Smoky my cat went and got herself pregnant and for the last few days she has acted odd. She tried to climb in my sock drawer last night and then crawled under my bed covers which she has never done before.

She finally laid down on the bed by me last night as I was looking over my emails.

Suddenly she let out a painful cry and looked at me with confusion in her eyes and out popped baby kitty number one!

I was amazed even though I have seen animals born before and stopped my work to watch each kiten be born and how smoky cleaned and ate the placenta and bag the kitten was wrapped in. Licked each kitten dry and helped them to find a breast for their first meal.

It took about two hours for her to have the four small kittens and then I moved her and them to my old laundry basket lined with my old pajama bottoms.

She is resting now and the kittens softly mew as they search blindly for the comfort of their mothers teats.

I am a father again or at least a surrogate father and just like when my own son was born I immediately started thinking of names, planning for their survival, and seeing them grow up in my mind.

Kittens can give life purpose...

itsalljustbs itsalljustbs
46-50, M
Mar 8, 2010