Is It Me?

I'm dancing more than two years and las year I started working in ny city. I'm making enough money on the floor. Customers like me and I have lots of lapdances, but as soon as I want to invite customer in private room they always back off. The same about tips. I don't know how to take conversation to meek them want me in room. Every time I think customer is ready to be with me, next question that comes is "what are you doing in private room?" I hate this question because I don't know what to answer and getting anxious. To hide my thought I say we don't have sex! I think when they ask that question they mean sex!
I have a friend working with me and she seems to be in room all the time because she knows how to talk to customers about it without fritning them. I asked her to teach me but she didn't. Sometimes I think my problem is my English. I speak good, but its not as fast and as sharp as native speakers. Can anyone teach me how to make them pay money for being with me in the room? It seems they always complaining its expensive but after they go with someone else. I wouldn't call it jealous but I feel so bad sometimes for that.. Please help me..
Naka18naka Naka18naka
Nov 30, 2012