Strict Traditional Discipline - Spanking And Canings Administered In South London To Adult Ladies And Gentlemen

6ft3in tall strict dominant offers a return to the spankings and canings you received from parents and teachers.

Formal and firm, over the knee bare spankings and a traditional 6 of the best, touching your toes or on the spanking bench.

Get in touch and deal with those issues that have been concerning you. Discipline, punishment, motivation, training.

HeadMasterStrict HeadMasterStrict
46-50, M
29 Responses May 29, 2010

Sounds very interesting. Would like to get in touch. Richard at rdwinterflood@gmail .com You'll need to be strict.

I am interested if you are still active.

when can we meet

Are you still around?

rdwinterflood@gmail .com

When can we make a date? I need a strict caning and many more to come. Richard

where are you in south London? Can you email me at

I would like a good long session with spankings, slipperings, the strap or tawse and the cane. I live in SE London. I am 50 but fit and trim. Where do you live!
My email is

I am in South London, near Mitcham / Tooting.
Be happy to administer a long hard CP session.

Visiting South London this week and would gladly have your cane address some issues for me.

Is this still available , I have been very naughty lately SIR

i am a single 46 year old man living in dublin but could travel looking to expierence <br />
a good spanking and caning on the bare can you help?

Disciplinarian for Adults over Age18 and up to anyage . Corrective Therapy . in North Wales . Respected Gent Age 63years young . Corporal Discipline Consultant . email Adress

Thank you for all the replies.<br />
<br />
For any naughty boys or girls (all ages) who live near London, during April one on a Sat and one on a Sun I will be holding 2 domestic discipline sessions. These will not be a commercial exercise, although a couple of bottles of wine etc would be expected with a tenner towards nibbles etc. <br />
<br />
It will be an open day, you arrive, and will receive a sound spanking and caning, paddle, the tawse (tawse on bottom or hand) / birch. Over knee, desk or spanking bench<br />
<br />
My discipline is firm and no nonsense. <br />
<br />
I also provide a family discipline service to 2 single parents who live locally and need some firm support. London area single parents are welcome to contact.<br />
<br />
Contact me for further details,<br />
<br />

hi Sir, i am 36, but when i wear my short trousers uniform i feel 12. i'd love to report to your study thus attired. after being scolded i would find myself over your lap getting a good hiding as i squirm and beg you to stop. before having to bend over to receive a well deserved 6 of the very best from you. i live in W london

I will be happy to assist and discipline you, however at 36 you should expect 12 strokes. 6 are for schoolboys....

Then 12 strokes it would be. no matter what i think doesn't matter much. my former disciplinarian alowed my imput, to be under the control of a Headmaster who decided everything and didn't care if i'd had enough would be thrilling as well as painful.

i Agree 12 very severe WHACKS for a NaughtyMan

Sad that I live in Australia and unable to report to your study. My bottom however, is tingling with serious apprehension as I read your remarks. I certainly deserve a good hiding, there is no doubt about that. I hope one day you will pull down my school shorts (and underpants) and really hoe into my bare bottom for all the naughty things I have been doing. Even as I sit here writing this with my pants and underpants off (as punishment), the excitement is very evident.<br />

I'me in Australia, but would love to put on my short trousers and schoolboy uniform and report to your study. I like to be 14 years old but am really over 70. I would come and knock on your study door with a thumping heart as I know my bottom would be smarting very badly when I leave.

if you can be Age 14 Again in your Mind it Works . you are Never to old to get what you need

Australia is much to far away . i am in North Wales United Kingdom

ONE is never to old to be Spanked . or to Big male or female . Disciplinarian Gives Consensual Disciplinary Corrective Therapy to Adults . i am in North Wales United Kingdom . Respected Trusted Gent . Age 62 years young

Ex Public School Bully in need of senior boys cane Sir

Just read y post re spanking/caning was wondering how strict u r? as i am a bit of a challenge!<br />
i kick,wriggle,squirm,ect put my hands in the way ect was wondering how u would deal with someone like me?!

Hi,<br />
I am a hooligan from Berlin, visiting London frequently.<br />
Bare arse canings are best for me to keep me in line

love to chat about caning.

Too nice!!

id love you to cane me naked over the bench

i would Enjoy doing it . but it would HURT intensely . A Welted bottom from A Caning HURTS

Would dearly love to visit you soon for a traditional caning. I have sent you a memo, looking forward to hearing from you.

It would only be a pleasure!!

That's a bit far away, but one day we might meet.

I'm in South Africa.

Must get in contact with you.

I don't know you, but I do know canings. I have received and given many!

ha ha lalninja -- i thought the same

This made me giggle. I wonder if I know you...