Strict Traditional Discipline - Spanking And Canings Administered In South London To Adult Ladies And Gentlemen

6ft3in tall strict dominant offers a return to the spankings and canings you received from parents and teachers.

Formal and firm, over the knee bare spankings and a traditional 6 of the best, touching your toes or on the spanking bench.

Get in touch and deal with those issues that have been concerning you. Discipline, punishment, motivation, training.

HeadMasterStrict HeadMasterStrict 46-50, M 28 Responses May 29, 2010

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where are you in south London? Can you email me at

I would like a good long session with spankings, slipperings, the strap or tawse and the cane. I live in SE London. I am 50 but fit and trim. Where do you live!
My email is

I am in South London, near Mitcham / Tooting.
Be happy to administer a long hard CP session.

Visiting South London this week and would gladly have your cane address some issues for me.

Is this still available , I have been very naughty lately SIR

i am a single 46 year old man living in dublin but could travel looking to expierence

a good spanking and caning on the bare can you help?

I need some discipline, please help me.

Disciplinarian for Adults over Age18 and up to anyage . Corrective Therapy . in North Wales . Respected Gent Age 63years young . Corporal Discipline Consultant . email Adress

Thank you for all the replies.

For any naughty boys or girls (all ages) who live near London, during April one on a Sat and one on a Sun I will be holding 2 domestic discipline sessions. These will not be a commercial exercise, although a couple of bottles of wine etc would be expected with a tenner towards nibbles etc.

It will be an open day, you arrive, and will receive a sound spanking and caning, paddle, the tawse (tawse on bottom or hand) / birch. Over knee, desk or spanking bench

My discipline is firm and no nonsense.

I also provide a family discipline service to 2 single parents who live locally and need some firm support. London area single parents are welcome to contact.

Contact me for further details,


hi Sir, i am 36, but when i wear my short trousers uniform i feel 12. i'd love to report to your study thus attired. after being scolded i would find myself over your lap getting a good hiding as i squirm and beg you to stop. before having to bend over to receive a well deserved 6 of the very best from you. i live in W london

I will be happy to assist and discipline you, however at 36 you should expect 12 strokes. 6 are for schoolboys....

Then 12 strokes it would be. no matter what i think doesn't matter much. my former disciplinarian alowed my imput, to be under the control of a Headmaster who decided everything and didn't care if i'd had enough would be thrilling as well as painful.

i Agree 12 very severe WHACKS for a NaughtyMan

Sad that I live in Australia and unable to report to your study. My bottom however, is tingling with serious apprehension as I read your remarks. I certainly deserve a good hiding, there is no doubt about that. I hope one day you will pull down my school shorts (and underpants) and really hoe into my bare bottom for all the naughty things I have been doing. Even as I sit here writing this with my pants and underpants off (as punishment), the excitement is very evident.


I'me in Australia, but would love to put on my short trousers and schoolboy uniform and report to your study. I like to be 14 years old but am really over 70. I would come and knock on your study door with a thumping heart as I know my bottom would be smarting very badly when I leave.

if you can be Age 14 Again in your Mind it Works . you are Never to old to get what you need

Australia is much to far away . i am in North Wales United Kingdom

Hello sir ,would you like to cane me?

I have a proffile with pics on

user name schoolbully6

YES . Are you Living in the United Kingdom

I would love to be disciplined by you,but unfortunately i now live in Ireland.

i Would Enjoy Spanking your bare bottom . you Look so Naughty . Are you A NaughtyGirl in need of Corrective Therapy it would HURT .

ONE is never to old to be Spanked . or to Big male or female . Disciplinarian Gives Consensual Disciplinary Corrective Therapy to Adults . i am in North Wales United Kingdom . Respected Trusted Gent . Age 62 years young

Ex Public School Bully in need of senior boys cane Sir

Just read y post re spanking/caning was wondering how strict u r? as i am a bit of a challenge!

i kick,wriggle,squirm,ect put my hands in the way ect was wondering how u would deal with someone like me?!

could i repot to you sir?


I am a hooligan from Berlin, visiting London frequently.

Bare arse canings are best for me to keep me in line

love to chat about caning.

Too nice!!

id love you to cane me naked over the bench

i would Enjoy doing it . but it would HURT intensely . A Welted bottom from A Caning HURTS

Would dearly love to visit you soon for a traditional caning. I have sent you a memo, looking forward to hearing from you.

It would only be a pleasure!!

That's a bit far away, but one day we might meet.

I'm in South Africa.

Must get in contact with you.

I don't know you, but I do know canings. I have received and given many!

ha ha lalninja -- i thought the same

This made me giggle. I wonder if I know you...