Chapter Five

Henry and Roman were bad boys.  We came home, one day, after work and we found **** on the living room carpet.  Henry denied that he did it, but upon further interrogation, Roman admitted that Henry made him do it.  Henry just pointed the spot and said, "There, one there, and over there, one there too okay?'  Roman replied, "But I'm all out now."

Oh those boys!

Henry made Roman eat bugs too, and they were delicious until Roman came home crying with a swollen tongue.  It seems that he attempted to eat a Bumble Bee, and it stung him.  Poor baby never ate bugs again, and it took him a couple of days to stop mumbling.

One day Henry tricked Roman into giving him a dime for a nickel.  He said, "Look at how much bigger this coin is then yours.  It'll buy you more candy!  Roman gave up his dime and bought a bag of goodies and gleefully showed Henry how much he was able to buy.  After Roman went away to consume his spoils, Henry bought two bags of candy.  Oooh what a sneak.  He should've joined the mafia.

Henry had the loveliest smile and had very prominent front teeth.  I called him, "Crusader Rabbit."

One day, disaster struck and Henry came in balling his head off.  It seems that he was sledding on the sidewalk and the sled slipped out of his hands while he was attempting to hurl himself into a skid.  Instead he hit the concrete, but it didn't hurt him.  He then stroked his tongue across his teeth and found that his wonderful two front teeth had been severely chipped.  He cried, every time he heard the song, "All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."

That disaster made him feel ugly, and he rarely smiled open-mouthed again.  My wonderful outgoing eldest son, had suddenly become an introvert, and it wasn't until 10 years later that his teeth were mature enough to cap.

The boys then both commuted to St. Nicholas School, and enjoyed it very much, but Roman had to start at the first grade, since there was no kindergarten.  Henry entered the forth grade and he loved his Irish teacher Mrs. McManmon.  He disliked Ukrainian class because it was already in it's third year.  Henry fell in love with a lovely Irish girl named Virginia Bass.  She was the cutest girl in the class.  He loved her more than Annette Funicello, but he felt inadequate due to his small stature and chipped teeth.  He later saw Virginia in a high school yearbook as he was waiting in a rectory to get married, and he fell in love all over again, but it was too late to do anything about it.  He's already made his commitment.

Both boys loved the school and were getting an advanced and Christian education.  Recess was different also as the boys gambled a lot, pitching baseball cards, and playing marbles and yo-yos.

The school year was shorter too, and that placed more of a hardship on Tad and I as we needed to find them something to do for the summer.  That first year, we sent them to live on a farm, for a month, in Indiana.  It was difficult for them, because they had to use their imagination to entertain themselves with the farmer's two daughters and one son.  Henry fell in love, with the eldest "Lilly," but it was "May" that fell infatuated with Henry.  Wally was the boys age and the boys had a great deal of fun.  They soon developed calluses on their bare feet and were able to walk long distance on the rock-strewn, county lanes.  Their favorite jaunt was to Bass Lake, which was about two miles distant from that chicken farm.  We took color slides of that "vacation" fifty years ago, this past summer.

Color television was still awful at this period of time, and we had to settle for the black-and-white, that seemed to take an eternity to warm-up, however local movie theaters were all over the place and there were four within a four block radius.  It cost a quarter for a child to enter a theater then, and the boys especially loved going there for the Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday, and Washington's birthday, holidays.  The matinees were wonderful and kept the children out of trouble on their days off.  Science fiction movies, of the 50's were all the rage, and the boys soon became avid sci-fi fans.  The Wizard of Oz, of course was a staple, and the kid's loved it.

Sometimes we would take the boys to an evening movie, and I can vividly recall how Henry pulled his stocking cap over his head during a Martian Invasion movie that frightened him badly.

Occasionally we would take the boys to a Polish movie with subtitles, and I was surprised to see that they had retained some of their Polish culture, but the movies were boring.  They're nothing like Hollywood, and I loved John Wayne movies.  The boys delighted in Danny Kaye and Abbot and Costello comedies, but I was too old, and the boys too young to enjoy the Elvis Presley flicks.

After the show, we would take the boys for a delightful meal at our favorite Italian restaurant, but the boy's always were begging for our Italian beef slices.  It seems that they loved them better than the hamburgers we bought them, but we couldn't buy them the same because of the expense.


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