.. Since Two Weeks Ago.


I deleted the story because it was too longgg.

Short Version:

Since March, everyone but one person knows I'm gay.
No parades, no feelings of being free.
But that officially makes me "exposed", correct? (:


18-21, F
9 Responses Mar 9, 2009

i am bi sexual...when was your first experience?

Well I meant the exposed ones you can watch lol but knowing them on here is the next best thing.

I approve of 'exposed' lesbians. They're the best kind :P

Firstly, I officially love your younger sisters, they rock!!! <br />
I'm glad you have support from the majority. The others...well....I hope they come around. Sister A sounds like a good person, just far too worried about what other people think. Your Mum, well, hopefully in time...thank goodness the status quo is changing.<br />
Anyway, thanks for directing me to your story :o)<br />
I always like the quote "nobody said it would be easy, they only said it would be worth it".<br />
Good luck with it xxx

Wow...quite the family drama...as time goes on, I'm certain you will find peace with the family and be able to live as you like without shame...the family we come from often becomes less on an influence or intrusion as all the kids grow up, get married, get careers, live with people, have kids, move away...the fact that you are a lesbian will lose it's novelty as the sisters gain some life experience and perspective....I am confident you will be just fine...peace...SS

Aha. I consider you an exposed lesbian!<br />
As long as you like girls and everyone else knows it, V. ;D

I wish I was an exposed lesbian. That sounds rad. Until then I'll just stay in this closet that I call a male body.

Ahahahaha.<br />
<br />
I guess I forgot to bring clothes with me from the closet. ;D

YOU ROCK!<br />
how've you been, hun?