Photoshop Exhibitionism

A number of years ago, I used Photoshop, some nude photos of myself, and some **** photos to create photos of me having sex with pornstars. One turned out really well. I was standing in about 8 inches of water at a nude swimming hole in Vermont. The picture of the swimming hole was real but the photo of me pasted into it.   The photo of woman giving me a blow job was cut and pasted from intenet ****. I spent a long time working on it and it was very hard to tell that i was not real.

Fake **** is, of course, no use to an exhibitionist unless it can be shared. In this case i found the perfect person with whom to share. It was the female owner of an independent video store that had an x-rated section. I visited the store three times and rented adult videos before I really had a conversation with her. This time I commented on the graphic nature of the cover of the video I was renting. She was a little shy at first but eventually began to talk about the video covers. She used small pieces of tape to cover the most graphic portions of photos (penetration, erect dicks, etc.). Nude bodies were not covered though.

The next time we got into a more in depth discussion. She told me that the films were so cheap that the stars must get paid very little. I said that some of the male pornstars probably did it for the fun of it and needed little monetary compensation. She was surprised to hear that and said; "Who would do that?" I said that there were lots of people who contributed photos and videos to amateur sites and that there were a lot of exhibitionists who would love to be filmed having sex. I added that I was one of them.

I told her that I was actually considering being in an amateur **** film. She said: "Really?" I said yes, "Really." She smiled but looked a little skeptical.

Several months passed between visits. In that time I had a photographer take some photos that I could use in creating some photoshop fakes. I spent a long time i on the first two, trying to make them look as real as possible.

The next time I visited the store I said "Hello" when I walked in and then said: "Well I did it." She looked a little confused and said: "Did what?" I said: "I was in an amateur film." She asked wide-eyed: "****?" With a contrived sheepish grin I responded, "Yep."

I then said: "I have a couple pictures if you want to see." I was really surprised when she said: "Sure." I handed her the fakes and walked back to the adult section - basically a small room with a storage closet at one end and a curtain separating it from the rest of the store. I peeked out and watched as she carefully examined the two photos. One was the photo of me getting a blow job at the swimming hole. In the other I was ******* a beautiful woman missionary style in front of a fireplace. All she said when I came out was: "Impressive." She asked me if it was hard to do the first time. I said: "Not really. You just do what comes naturally."

I visited the store two more times and shared additional photos with her. Each time I made sure I came at times when no one else was there. She was always happy to look at the new fakes but seemed a little uncomfortable talking about what was going on in the photos. She never used any words actually describing the action. The conversation tended to be more abstract - like what it was like to have sex in front of other people. Oddly, I think she was excited by seeing pictures of me ******* but would have been very uncomfortable using the word "****."

The next time I visited the store it was empty again. I brought her a couple more pictures and even a fake video cover with me on the front getting a *******. I went back to the X-rated section and was looking at the videos. She came back, opened the curtain, and said: "Oh sorry, I forgot you were in here." Since I was the only one in the store and she had just been looking at hardcore photos starring me, I knew that was not true. She pretended that she needed to get something from the storage closet at the back of the adult section.

I suspected that she had hoped to catch me with my **** out. As an exhibitionist, that would have been GREAT! So while she was pretending to do something in the closet I began stroking. my **** through my pants. I saw her sneak a quick peek as she continued to try to look busy. I decided at that point, OK - I am going for it.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard **** out. Holding a video in one hand I jerked off with the other. At that point, she made no attempt to hide the fact that she was looking. She watched intently for about five minutes before walking out of the closet. She started to walk by me, facing me as she did so. When she was directly in front of me she reached down and grabbed my ****. She stroked me slowly while she maintained a blank expression on her face. This was all too much and eventually I came in her hand, on her arm and on the floor of the adult section.

She got a paper towel from the closet to clean up with while I zippered my pants. I waited for a few minutes in the adult section before exiting. I had a raging erection that would had been seen by the couple who had just entered the store. (Actually, that might not have been such a bad thing.)

As I left the store, she smiled faintly, and said: "Thanks for coming by.."

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Thhis is a good story

Thanks! I have not looked at this recently. I found a few typos. But reading the story brought back some great memories.