I'm a Big Fan of the Band Extreme.

Unfortunately, they broke up in the mid to late 90's, but they are still a great influence on me (I'm a musician) and I don't tire of listening to their albums.

They were from Boston and the band featured Gary Cherone on Vocals (he had a one-album stint as the lead singer of Van Halen) and Nuno Bettencourt on Guitar and Keyboard. Nuno has had a successful solo career and stints with his bands Mourning Widows, Population One, and now Drama Gods. Nuno is truly an amazing musician, composer, and producer.

The band is best known for their 90's ballad "More Than Words", but they were much more than that. Each album was an achievement and featured everything from hard rock romps to beautiful ballads to sweeping songs featuring strings and horns.

If you've never heard any of their albums, I highly recommend "Pornografitti" and "III Sides To Every Story" as an intro. You won't be disappointed, trust me.

In fact, you can check out excerpts of their stuff by listening to 30 second clips on iTunes for free.

I'm anxious to see if there are any more Extreme fans on EP. Let me hear from ya!
SpringForward2k8 SpringForward2k8
41-45, M
Jul 5, 2007