I Was An Introvert Two Months Ago

But I guess after everything, I've become extroverted. I guess my need to be with others increased so much that having the trait of preferring to be with others rather than being alone has contributed to this switch.. It's strange, I'm not afraid of my own voice anymore. I don't care if people stare at me. The only time I have the strong urge to hide away is when I'm not in the mood to pick myself up and be everything that I am, that others see me as. Otherwise, I am very comfortable being outgoing... talking to strangers, it's just so weird going from an introvert to an extrovert, now I have new needs to take care of. I want to be out and about instead of sitting at home reading an awesome book, I wanna party instead of going swimming at a friends... It's really strange, this change.
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11 Responses Nov 12, 2010

Her family was... too problematic, especially the twin sister. That **** meddled constantly in the relationship, and it turned out intolerable. That, and add my own inexperience to the mix (commited mistakes), and you get a nice cup of "break up" xD

Aw... sorry to hear that. I hope you meet a new princess for your castle or maybe even a queen, for you to rule together... You say she left you, in what sense?

Yep :3. When my gf left me it was... like my "castle" had been under siege xD

Okay good, good. Then you're a nice person who's been through some things and has self controlled inner outrages :D

No, I dont. They are just "inner outrages", I dont manifest them to the outside..

Lol, do you like go after people?

It's all good, but sometimes I have really big outrages O.o

Na, you weren't too harsh. I feel the same sometimes, when someone has something that I had and lost, I get mad on the inside. Sorry about your gf...

Glad you got it, I felt this way since my former gf dumped me... you have no idea how I curse from the inside when I see a passing-by holding hands couple in the street... It's like I felt hatred towards them for being a couple and me hot being in one... Forgive me if I was too harsh on this.

I totally get what you mean, wonderful metaphor. It's like your life is the castle, from which you hide in, but when the drawbridge is lowered, you are out and not trapped.

I know how you felt, right now im encased inside thick castle walls and cant get the drawbridge to lower (if you get what I mean)...