I developed into an introverted extrovert.

I encountered the power of the group (any group, in this case the other children) at the age of three.  It left a scar.  I accepted my outsidership and became a firebrand and a popular troublemaker.


Later in life the confrontation with the group was a running theme.  In this eternal battle, I was stubbornly defensive.  Outspokenness is very much part of my nature but life teached me not to be it all the time.  It's too energy consuming.  When I'm extrovert, I scare people.

As a consequence I became kind of eccentric and a loner, be it one with a couple of very, very good friends.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Such changes in life...never really thought of myself to be an introvert. I just become quiet when I`m thinking...wondering.............but other than that, I ........uhm, bounce! LOL