I Am A Toilet 4

I ran into my "lady friend" in Wal-Mart and it was a bit of a surprise to see her. We exchanged greetings and she says she was about to checkout and asked me if I was able to stop by real quick. (Those familiar with my stories knows this means a toilet session) So she checked out and I followed her home when she got out the car she was on her phone so she didn't speak to me it was all gestures. We entered through the backdoor into her laundry room where she gave me a few towels to lay on the floor. I did just that and she motioned for me to lay down and she went into another room. She was still on the phone when she entered bottomless and squatted over my face. She reached in between her legs and pulled on my chin as to open my mouth and she began to pee. A huge stream of **** rushed down my throat and the more I swallowed the more my mouth filled with hot bitter rancid ****. She never broke conversation on the phone but she did occasionally stop to allow me to swallow as I began to gurgle and almost choke. When she was finished she stood over me with one foot on my chest looking down on me while she continued her conversation. Then she opened her back door and waved bye. Yes I was a little wet but I got up and walked out the door and it closed and locked behind me. I changed into an old gym shirt I had in a gym bag before I left for home. Still tasting her **** in my mouth.
slappee slappee
41-45, M
Jan 21, 2013