I'm Not A Freak, I'm Hypersensitive

For as long as I can remember, I've never felt normal. In a way, I feel I have a sixth sense about things. I'm very intune with other's emotions and when my friends or family are upset, it upsets me even more. I can feel others pain so well and I instantly know when something is bothering someone. I can't sleep at night unless my room is COMPLETELY quiet and dark. I have trouble concentrating if there's even the smallest noise distracting me, and everyday life is just a bundle of stress for me. I must always have somewhat of a daily routine or I feel very uneasy. I'm a daydreamer who is extremely emotional, shy, afraid of rejection, defensive, and I've been told I'm dramatic and overreact about everything, I'm extremely swayed by my emotions when making a decision but I can't help it! It's just my personality.
The cons of this are that I often feel very depressed and hopeless. I don't have a positive image of myself and I constantly need others' support and reassurance upon making a decision. I often feel victimized, lonely, or invisible to others. These traits could just be low self-esteem, but I've discovered that they are also symptoms of hypersensitivity.
The pros, though, is that I've been told I'm creative and intelligent and have a very heightened intuition. Honestly, I feel like I'm psychic sometimes. I'm also very romantic and caring. I'll always put others' before myself, even though they wouldn't do the same for me.
I used to feel like a freak, but now I know I'm hypersensitive. I don't have a disorder, just a different kind of personality trait. And I'm going to embrace it.
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I'm the same way too (hypersensitivity)but I also need white noise during the day and night as a way to me to redirect my focus/attention. For me to sleep I have to take sleep aid, to try to shut my brain off.


Maybe it's an identity thing...so you are projecting or eggshell sensitive cuz you haven't dealt with your issues?

what a bout thinking deeply, seeing things as they are , fever , ..<br />
whats wrong with being who you are ????? the world needs us as he needs others...we are who take care of others , we are who works in NGOs to help make the world a better place to live <br />
so be happy friend..

Reading your post was like hitting the nail on the head for me...I feel very much the same way about things as you. Only at night, I need some type of white noise to get to sleep. such as a fan. :)<br />
So glad you are embracing your true nature! This is the way we are made, so the more we learn to embrace it, the happier and more fulfiilled life will be!!