This Is No Way To Live...

Everything at some point bugs strongest sense by far is hearing.  I can hear the minute hands on watches ticking by.  I can hear someone digesting their food through my cubicle wall.  Conversations don't get past me...I would make an excellent spy.  But it is all so distracting that I can't seem to get anything done (I'm also in the procrastinator's group!)

Worst of all is my boyfriend, who as sleep apnea.  He needs corrective surgery but has no health insurance.  (Did I mention that I joined the Insomniac's group, too?)  We've gone out for a year and a few months but his snoring kills me.  I should be used to it because I come from a family of snorers and yet the only time I seem to is when I've got a bad cold. 

 I am sick and tired of wearing earplugs or listening to music on my headphones nonstop just because I can't concentrate with background noise.  This is not a great way to live, and no one seems to get that I didn't choose to be hypersensitive...I just am.

petrifiedpetunia petrifiedpetunia
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1 Response Mar 24, 2010

aha! maybe you are what is called an HSP? it is a term for Highly Sensitive People, a genetic trait in people who have an extra sensitive nervous system. there is a free test to take on Dr Eleine AronĀ“s site. also many books and websites on the subject that can be helpful. it changed my life to learn about it anyway.